For tactical support, here are the 5 finest Free Fire pets


Characters and pets in Free Fire have unique abilities that can be employed in Battle Royale and Clash Squad engagements. The in-game store offers a total of 17 pets for gamers to purchase.

Pets can be used by players if they require tactical assistance in order to better their game.

Free Fire pets with the most tactical potential

Mr. Waggor is number one

Mr. Waggor and its ability (Image via Free Fire)

Every 120 seconds, Mr. Waggor’s Smooth Gloo gives players one gloo wall. Because gloo wall is so important in matches, they can utilize this pet to make sure they never run out.

2) Falco

Falco and its ability (Image via Free Fire)

Skyline Spree is a Free Fire ability that boosts gliding and dive speed by 15% and 25% respectively. Falco can be used in BR battles to land swiftly and gain a tactical advantage over opponents.

3) Ottero

Ottero and its ability (Image via Free Fire)

Ottero’s ability, Double Blubber, allows gamers to recover 35 percent of their HP while using a Treatment Gun or a Medkit. When a player’s health is low, EP is crucial for HP conversion, and this pet does an outstanding job of taking care of it.

4) Beaston

Beaston and its ability (Image via Free Fire)

Beaston’s ability, Helping Hand, increases the throwing distance of gloo walls, flashbangs, and grenades by 10%. By remaining relatively safe while employing this Free Fire pet, users can improve their throwing distance.

5) Robo

Robo and its ability (Image via Free Fire)
Robo and its ability (Image via Free Fire)

Robo’s ability, Wall Enforcement, not only adds a shield to a gloo wall but also recovers 60 HP. Since gloo walls and shields can be destroyed by characters like Skyler and Xayne, Robo provides extra protection by adding a shield.

Note that all skills are at the lowest possible level for the pets. Players can level up their pets to increase their strength.

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