For tactical support, usefulness, and healing, here are the top 7 Free Fire pets (November 2021)


In Free Fire, pets have the ability to completely alter the match’s dynamics. Players receive access to a variety of benefits that can be used to help them win gunfights. Indirect tactical support and healing are also provided by them.

In-game, however, not all pets are created equal. Some people are gifted, while others are not. It’ll make all the difference if you know which one to utilize in a certain situation.

Use these pets in Free Fire to gain a tactical edge over opponents

7) Detective Panda

Most gamers affectionately refer to this pet as Panda, and it is best suited for aggressive players. ‘Panda’s Blessings,’ its ability, awards players 4 HP every kill. The skill’s maximum HP recovery per elimination is 10 at level three.

6) Night Panther

In Free Fire, the Night Panther is the ideal pet for hoarders. Players that use this pet while playing with a squad can carry extra supplies for the team. At level one, the ‘Weight Training’ skill improves inventory space by 15, scaling up to 45 at the maximum level.

Spirit Fox is a must-have for players that rely on medkits to heal. While utilizing a medkit to heal, the ‘Well Fed’ ability restores an additional 4 HP. At the highest level, this climbs to 10 HP.

4) Robo

Robo is the ideal pet for defensive players or those who rely on gloo walls in Free Fire. The gloo wall gains a 60-HP shield with the ‘Wall Enforcement’ ability. This increases its fighting durability. The shield’s HP reaches 100 at the highest level.

3) Mr. Waggor

Mr. Waggor is an excellent pet for players that plan their approach around the use of gloo barriers. Every 120 seconds, his ‘Smooth Gloo’ ability creates a gloo wall. Waggor can generate one gloo wall every 100 seconds at the maximum level, while there are less than two gloo walls in the inventory.

2) Falco

Falco’s ‘Skyline Spree’ ability allows aggressive players to drop quickly into hotdrop zones. When skydiving at level 1, the gliding speed is enhanced by 15%. Following the opening of the parachute, diving speed increases by 25%. This rises to 45 percent and 50 percent, respectively, at the maximum level.

1) Rockie

Rockie is the best pet available in Free Fire when it comes to having solid tactical support. His ‘Stay Chill’ skill reduces a character’s active ability’s cooldown period by 6%. At the maximum level, the cooldown time is reduced even further to 15%.

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