For the Indian server (9 October), here is a free Fire redeem code: What is the best way to receive the UMP Cataclysm loot package today


In Free Fire, redeem coupons are a terrific way for gamers to get free items. They’re easy to use and can provide a variety of prizes, including weapon loot crates, emotes, outfits, and more. As a result, gamers eagerly anticipate the release of new codes from the producers.

One of the most recently leaked codes allows gamers to receive two UMP Cataclysm weapon loot crates. This crate can be used to gain permanent gun skins or a trial version.

Today’s Fire India server redeem code is free.

UMP Cataclysm weapon loot crates are the reward for the new code (Image via Free Fire)
UMP Cataclysm weapon loot crates are the reward for the new code (Image via Free Fire)

8NARH5K2T6SP is the redemption code.

2x UMP Cataclysm weapon loot crate as a reward

Players on the Indian server can use the code. They should take use of it as soon as possible so that they do not miss out on the freebies. When the usage limit is reached, gamers will receive an error message when attempting to obtain rewards.

What is the Free Fire India server redemption code and how do I use it?

How to utilize the Free Fire India server redeem code\

Step 1: You may only use the above-mentioned redeem code on the official website, which can be found at this link.

A number of options are available on the website for players to sign in (Image via Free Fire)

Step 2: Once the website has loaded, you can sign in using your Free Fire ID by selecting one of the options. Facebook, Google, VK, Twitter, Apple ID, and Huawei ID are the available login choices.

The only website through which the redeem code can be used (Image via Free Fire)

Step 3: Next, either paste or manually insert the redeem code into the text area.

Step 4: Confirm your action by using the confirm button. On your screen, a notice will appear verifying that the redemption process has been completed successfully.

If an error message indicates that the code is incorrect or that it has been redeemed, it means that the code has hit its usage limit and cannot be used any more.

UMP Cataclysm weapon loot crates can be claimed from in-game mail (Image via Free Fire)

Step 5: On your mobile, launch Garena Free Fire and tap the mail symbol to claim the UMP Cataclysm weapon loot crate.

Step 6: Depending on your luck, you can open them from the vault area to obtain the UMP Cataclysm as a trial card for a limited time or permanently.

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