Former Champions to tease break-up? RAW after Hell in a Cell Preview: Incredible 16-month-long tale comes to an end, Former Champions to tease break-up.


After the Hell in a Cell teaser, welcome to the RAW. The pay-per-view Hell in a Cell received mixed reviews. Fans will return for Money in the Bank 2021, which will be the final pay-per-view of the WWE pandemic era.

The path to Money in the Bank 2021 begins tonight on RAW, and it’ll be fascinating to see how the build unfolds. While no qualifying matches have been announced as of this writing, they might begin as early as tonight. Here’s what you can expect from RAW this season.

#5. Drew McIntyre starts afresh on RAW

Drew McIntyre
Drew McIntyre’s WWE title pursuits ended temporarily at Hell in a Cell 2021

The RAW after Hell in a Cell will be a sour one for Drew McIntyre. He’s been a part of the WWE Championship picture on RAW for the past 16 months. It all started when he won the Royal Rumble in early 2020, prompting him to name Brock Lesnar as his WrestleMania opponent.

Despite the fact that Drew McIntyre didn’t get his main event at WrestleMania, he stepped up and dethroned The Beast Incarnate, who hasn’t performed since.

Drew McIntyre has held the WWE Championship for just over 300 days in the last 16 months. However, after losing to Bobby Lashley at Hell in a Cell, his quest for the WWE title came to an end.

Drew McIntyre was not permitted to compete for the WWE Championship if he lost, as long as Bobby Lashley was the reigning champion. As a result, Drew McIntyre’s 16-month reign as WWE champion has come to an .

It’s probably the best thing that could happen to him, since many fans believed Drew McIntyre had overstayed his welcome in the WWE championship picture. On RAW, Kofi Kingston even called him out on it, but ultimately lost to the Scotsman.

What WWE has in mind for Drew McIntyre will be fascinating to watch. It’s not out of the question that he isn’t on the show.

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