Forza Horizon 4, F1 2020, Wreckfest, and more are among the best racing games on Steam Summer Fest.


The Steam Summer Fest has provided fantastic discounts on certain popular racing games that are not to be missed by racing game aficionados. So there you have it.

The annual Steam Summer Sale is arrived, and it’s a godsend for gamers on a tight budget. You can get several freshly released titles in a variety of genres with significant discounts. Before the discounts end on July 8, racing fans will have a lot of titles to choose from. As a result, if you’ve been waiting to get your hands on Forza Horizon 4, now is the time.

The Steam Summer Sale, on the other hand, offers a number of racing games on offer at appealing prices, and you could have a hard time picking your favorites. Some of these games are serious simulations that necessitate specialized hardware such as racing wheels and seats. Because you’re on a budget, we’ve hand-picked some games that simply require a controller or a keyboard and provide hours of entertainment over the weekend.

Forza Horizon 4
If you enjoy driving, you must buy Forza Horizon 4 as soon as possible. The game costs Rs 649, which is a steal considering everything it has to offer. Forza Horizon 4 is a finely detailed copy of Britain in which players can travel and race with some of the most beautiful vehicles ever created. Despite Horizon 5 on the horizon, this is a must-have for weekend driving fans.

F1 2020

F1 2020

F1 2020 screenshot

F1 2020 is for you if you are a true racing fan who wants to experience the same degree of immersion as Lewis Hamilton. It is currently available for Rs 324, the lowest price it has ever been since its introduction. For Formula 1 fans, the My Team mode is a blast, while newcomers can still enjoy Michael Schumacher’s 2004 Ferrari tearing through Monza’s straights with all the assistance in place to keep it on track. This is a one-time play at the very least.

‘Dirt 5’ is a video game

Despite the fact that Dirt 5 is only a few months old, it is currently offered at a ridiculously low price of Rs 519. Dirt 5 combines rally craziness with cutting-edge visuals and ray tracing. Rally enthusiasts and arcade racers will love this game.

Redemption on the Highway
Road Redemption, priced at Rs 185, resurrects the nostalgia of Road Rash from the 1990s with updated graphics and the same old-school excitement. If you liked Road Rash, you won’t be able to resist this offer.

Project Cars 2 is a sequel to Project Cars.

At Rs 449, Project Cars 2 offers a professional-grade racing experience, but there isn’t enough leeway for casual gamers to enjoy themselves. For driving fanatics, the track selection and rally mode are a lot of fun.


If you enjoy demolition derby, Wreckfest is a great offer for Rs 569. With the most astounding damage system, you get all the racing thrills multiplied by a million. Furthermore, the strange array of cars will keep kids entertained while ramming other players.

Rivals in Need for Speed
If you enjoy good old-fashioned police chases and skirmishes while driving exotic Italian cars in picturesque settings, Need for Speed Rivals is a wonderful offer for Rs 249! In terms of overall gameplay enjoyment, Rivals is far superior than recent NFS titles such as Heat and Payback.

Crew No. 2

Crew 2 costs Rs 449 and is similar to Forza Horizon 4, but it also includes motorcycles and boats in addition to vehicles to explore America’s large map. To keep players interested, the game receives frequent content updates.

4th Ride

Ride 4 costs Rs 649 and is aimed for motorcycle aficionados who wish to race around tracks on the latest Ducatis and Hondas in great weather with stunning visuals.

MotoGP 21 is the 21st edition of the motorcycle race.
Moto GP 21 costs Rs 769 and is designed for hardcore racers who want complete control of their bike, including how to lean in turns and regulate rear tire temperatures.

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