Free fire all shotgun full details and how to use them


In Free Fire, the shotgun is one of the most lethal weapon classes. They’re lethal at close range. But they demand a great level of skill to use. We’ll go over all you need to know about shotguns in Free Fire and Free Fire Shotgun Headshot Trick in this article.

About Shotguns in Free Fire

Shotguns are worthless in battle royales because most encounters take place at medium to long range. The reason for this is that each bullet fired included many pellets, which traveled in a cone. The majority of them would disperse and miss the target at long range.

Close range, however, each of those pellets would deliver extra damage on headshots… which is why the Free Fire Shotgun Headshot Trick is frequently used by professionals. We’ll compare the three shotguns currently available in the game in the section below, looking at their stats and quirks.


Among the shotguns in Free Fire, the SPAS 12 is the most lethal. While it only has 97 damage points, it has a lower spread (the size of the “cone”) than the M1014. As a result, more pellets hit the target and headshots cause more damage.

However, mastering the SPAS 12 necessitates a wide range of skills, as you only get one shot. Because it is a single action pump shotgun, you must reload every time you fire – if you miss your initial shot, your adversaries will have an easier time counter-attacking.

The SPAS 12 may be equipped with a magazine and stock, although other shotguns cannot. It is recommended that you use a level 3 or double magazine to reduce reload time after each shot. The stock’s spread would narrow even more and the range would widen.


Because of its 6-bullet magazine, this gun is arguably the most popular in the class. Because the M1014 is an automatic shotgun, it can fire a large number of bullets before needing to reload, giving you a significantly larger margin of error.

Overall, if you’re going to try the Free Fire Shotgun Headshot Trick, it’s a good idea to practice with this gun first. With six bullets in the chamber, you can miss a couple shots and still kill your opponents.

The M1014’s flaw is its wide spread; in order for your shots to be successful, you’d have to be significantly closer to your opponents. It can be fitted with a stock to help mitigate this problem.


The M1887 is a near-perfect compromise between the M1014 and the SPAS 12. It has one more shot than the SPAS, a 100-point damage total, and a much tighter spread. This is most likely part of Free Fire’s goal of making new weapons stronger than older ones.


In any battle royale game, the weapon is the most important component. Garena Free Fire’s developers never let gamers down, since each update brings one or two new weaponry. The new MAG-7 Free Fire weapon in the current OB26 update is one such feature. After the M1014, it is the second automatic shotgun. The new MAG-7 shotgun in free fire could be the greatest shotgun on the market.

How to perform Free Fire Shotgun Headshot Trick
Surprise your enemies

Try to sneak up on your opponents, ambush them in a corner, or rush them so they can’t respond quickly enough.

Jump shots

In a close-range battle, you can jump towards your opponent and then wait until the crosshair is over their head before pressing Fire.

This is the best posture for jump shots. You may simply move your crosshair to the enemy’s head by jumping. Furthermore, they would be unable to easily headshot you.

Advance aim

Using headphones, try to estimate your enemy’s location and aim at that location before you see them. Because you don’t have to aim while engaged, you’ll have an easier chance scoring a headshot this way.

What character skills to use in combination with Shotguns?

When employing shotguns, the greatest skills to add in your builds are Hayato, Jai, Caroline, and Jota. Of course, you don’t have to equip all four of them; leaving some slots open for Alok and K is a good idea.

The talents of Jai and Jota would allow you to battle many adversaries at once, with your HP and ammo being immediately replenished for the next one. Caroline’s ability is merely a speed boost.

Hayato is the greatest offensive skill for shotguns in general, as you absorb a lot of damage in close combat. Are you looking for more articles about Garena Free Fire? To learn more about The Strongest And Weakest Guns In Free Fire, please read this article.

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