Free Fire: All special weapon attachments & best skin m82b


These one-of-a-kind attachments would dramatically alter how you used their respective firearms in Free Fire – read on to learn more. In Free Fire, the M82B is a strong sniper rifle with a one-shot-one-kill capability. However, if you want to master this SR and rank up quicker in this game, you’ll need some expert advice.

Attachments are a big element of Free Fire since they increase the stats of attached weapons and allow players to personalize their configuration as they see fit. Every battle royale game has a system like this… but Free Fire’s attachments take it a step further, with unique weapon attachments that can only be used on specific firearms.

While not needed, these things are extremely beneficial in combat, and the firearms outfitted with them would effectively become new weapons. We’ll go through all of the unique attachments in Free Fire in this article.

MP5 Electrical Booster

Being in the SMG class, the MP5 is already one of the quickest “spammer guns” in Free Fire. With the MP5 Electrical Booster installed, the gun will fire bullets even quicker, increasing the weapon’s damage potential even more.

M60 Spiral Charger

The M60 is quite powerful, but it has poor accuracy, which is why many people abandon it in favor of anything else. With this attachment installed, the M60’s accuracy would be enhanced, as well as its damage per shot.

VSS Ripper Bullet

The VSS lacks damage and is a “middle-of-the-road” weapon with mediocre attributes. The Ripper bullet would eliminate this flaw, since opponents hit by an enhanced VSS would have a bleeding effect that gradually reduced their HP.

M14 Rage Core

The Rage Core significantly alters how the M14 functions, making it one of the greatest attachments in the game. Normally, the weapon is a semi-automatic sniper rifle with a sluggish fire speed and great damage and range. When the Rage Core is connected, the M14 transforms into an automatic rifle… a weapon that has no weaknesses. Overall, the M14 + Rage core outperforms the Groza core.

Kar98k Biometric Scope

A unique sight for the Kar98k that increases its accuracy stat – fast hit with this scope is incredibly accurate… to the point that Garena had to nerf it in the most recent OB24 version.

Plasma Thermal Boost

The PLASMA gun is one of the most unusual weapons in Free Fire since it shoots with energy rather than ammunition. In return for a longer cooldown period, the thermal boost would improve the PLASMA gun’s firing rate.

AWM Armor Piercer

The AWM is intended to be the most powerful sniper rifle in Free Fire… yet, unlike the new M82b, it is useless against armored targets. This attachment, the AWM Armor Piercer, would solve the issue. Shots from the AWM would do greater damage to opponents’ armors and vests if they were equipped with the Armor Piercer.

In Free Fire, the M82B is a strong sniper rifle with a one-shot-one-kill capability. However, if you want to master this SR and rank up quicker in this game, you’ll need some expert advice.

Must-Know Pro M82B Tips In Free Fire

You may easily obtain Booyah and rank up quickly if you use this rifle correctly and follow these guidelines to perfect it. Keep in mind the following professional advice.

Use This Gun With Moco

You can fire through the Gloo Wall with this sniper gun since it is so strong. As a result, you may use this to your advantage to eliminate the opponent sheltering behind Gloo Wall. However, you need to play the character Moco so that you will know where is the target to aim and shoot exactly.

In the Free Fire party, you can play the character Moco, an outstanding hacker, or add the talent Hacker’s Eye of Her to the skill combination. Furthermore, if you utilize this technique, you can fire through your Gloo Wall while hiding. However, before constructing a Gloo Wall for cover, you should be aware of the enemy’s location.

Have A Proper Skill Combo

The Dash of Kelly, Sharp Shooter of Laura, and Hacker’s Eye of Moco are the best skill combinations for making M82B a lethal weapon. After firing, you must run away from your position like a sniper.

Laura’s Sharp Shooter talent also aids in improving accuracy while aiming and shooting with the scope open. Then you’ll be able to fire correctly, take out the opponent swiftly, even if he’s hiding behind the Gloo Wall, and move rapidly to escape being shot.

Shoot To The Weak Points

To do more damage each shot to the adversary, aim for their vulnerable spots where the military vet can’t protect them. As a result, you should concentrate on the stomach, neck, and head. However, in the training room, you must practice aiming and shooting rapidly. Keep in mind that in actual matches, you don’t have much time to aim since the adversary might knock you out before you can shoot.

Best Gun Combination With M82B

In close and mid-range combat, you’ll need an AR or SMG to spray bullets. If you utilize M82B as your backup weapon, SCAR will be an excellent choice for the primary weapon. Alternatively, you can take an MP40 or Thompson and win any close fight.

The M82B, often known as Bareta by certain players, is the most powerful Sniper Rifle (SR) weapon available in Free Fire. Do you want your M82B’s damage to be even more lethal? The 5 finest M82B gun skins in this list can be used.

M82B Deadly Glares

How to Get the M82B Deadly Glares: The M82B Deadly Glares is now available for purchase in the Redeem Shop for 7,000 Tokens.

Review About the M82B Deadly Glares: Unlike other gun skins, M82B Deadly Glares is only a cosmetic modification to a weapon’s look, with no extra status. As a result, it is currently the weakest M82B skin in Free Fire. To get this one, you don’t need Diamonds whatsoever.

M82B The Falconer

How to Get the M82B The Falconer: This gun skin can be obtained from The Falconer Weapon Loot Crate, which costs 40 Diamonds and can be purchased at the Armory Shop.

You can obtain a gun skin with a length of 1 day, 3 days, 7 days, or permanent at random when you open this treasure box. Skins for USP, Thompson, and SVD are also available.

M82B The Falconer’s Stats

1.Rate of Fire+
2.Armor Penetration+

Review About the M82B The Falconer: The M82B is a military helicopter. For those of you who like to rely on the rate of fire, the Falconer is the greatest M82B pistol skin. This gun skin, inspired by the Maro, gives you a faster rate of fire and better armor penetration, albeit at the cost of a little reduction in ammo.

M82B Time Travellers

How to Get the M82B Time Travellers
You can get this gun skin from Time Travelers Weapon Loot Crate which can be purchased at the Armory Shop for 50 Diamonds.

When opening this loot crate you have the opportunity to get a gun skin with a duration of 1 day, 3 days, 7 days, or permanent at random. There is also skin for Thompson.

M82B Time Travellers’ Stats

2.Reload Speed+
3.Movement Speed-

Review About the M82B Time Travellers: Currently, M82B Time Travelers are the only skin that provides additional damage to the M82B. Players will also get additional reload speed but at the expense of movement speed.

M82B Hurricane DeliveryHow to Get the M82B Hurricane Delivery: You can get this gun skin from the Hurricane Delivery Weapon Loot Crate which can be purchased at the Armory Shop for 40 Diamonds. You can obtain a gun skin with a length of 1 day, 3 days, 7 days, or permanent at random when you open this treasure box. Skins for AN94 and VSS are also available.

M82B Hurricane Delivery’s Skin

3.Reload Speed-

Review About the M82B Hurricane Delivery: The M82B Hurricane Delivery, which has a stunning green color scheme inspired by Shirou’s, gives players an additional range and magazine at the price of reload time, although this isn’t a big deal because the M82B has the fastest reload speed of any Sniper Rifle.

M82B Dragon Mob

How to Get the M82B Dragon Mob: M82B Dragon Mob is one of the rare M82B gun skins that you can’t buy at the Armory Shop. This gun skin was first released on Weapon Royale in May 2021. To get this gun skin, you have to spin by paying starting from 50 Diamond. Besides the M82B, there is also a Dragon Mob skin for Thompson.

M82B Dragon Mob’s Stats

2.Armor Penetration+
3.Movement Speed-

Review About the M82B Dragon Mob: The M82B Dragon Mob skin is the finest M82B skin available right now. The M82B weapon gains range and armor penetration with this gun skin, making it very lethal in long-range battle.

Because the Sniper Rifle is commonly employed by campers in a ducking posture, this gun skin compromises movement speed, which has no effect on the M82B’s performance.

To date, those are the finest M82B gun skins in Free Fire. Which one is your main skin?

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