Free fire best safe 6 place for landing to get enough loot in Bermuda map


In this article, you’ll learn about the most secure locations in Free Fire where you may hide and gain extra treasure during the match—and it all revolves on Bermuda. The most popular map in the Garena Free Fire game is Bermuda. It’s a clash squad map with a resolution of 800*800 pixels. There are various areas on this map, some of which are safe and others which are dangerous.

Why is loot necessary for Free fire?

Every treasure item, you know, helps you get booyah in the Free fire. For example, if you don’t have a Gloo wall, you won’t be able to battle in the open area. You can’t give a great shot to your enemy in the battleground if you don’t have gun accessories.

Why is safe landing necessary in Free fire?

The booyah in the FF is determined by survival time.M You’ll have a hard time getting stuff if you land in the hot drop zone, where there are a lot of foes. You will also have problems surviving for longer periods of time.

However, in Free Fire, you can keep yourself safe from your adversaries if you choose the finest hiding spots. There are many other benefits, such as:

Get enough loot without risk.
Increase survival time.
Safeguard points.
Get booyah effortlessly.

Now the question is, where in the Free Fire can I collect enough stuff to make it worthwhile?

6 best safe places for landing to get enough loot in Free fire Bermuda map

Rim Nam village

In the FF, it’s an open and fishing location inside the Bermuda map with a lot of loot. Because Rim Nam village is the safest spot in the Free fire, you can gather enough riches without fear of opponents. The bridge and little cottages are available at the riverbank site, although there are less treasure items. The nicest thing about this position is that it is a safe place to land in Free Fire and is ideal for rank pushes. You can also go to the little compound area by the river to get more loot.


On the Plantation area, which forms the Bermuda river, there are several little houses and a massive dam.

Kota Tua

The Kota Tua is located across the road from the Bermuda map, and it is here that you will find dwellings. You’ll find a compound full of riches in Kota Tua, and it’s also the best hiding area in the Free Fire.


The Bullseye is in close proximity to the shipyard. Small dwellings in the fixed region that are not ideal for pillage can be found here. It is, however, the finest spot to hide from adversaries. You can also gain more loot in the FF by visiting the Graveyard, which is located near the Bullseye.

Free Fire is a combat royale game that is unlike any other. New players are presented to one of three maps – Map Bermuda in Free Fire – when they first download the game. Bermuda is one of the world’s largest maps, rivaled only by the barren Kalahari and the stunning Purgatory.

Free Fire Bermuda Map

Bermuda’s broad and bright terrain is ideal for a variety of purposes. This is why it is the primary map for all types of events. The terrain can be easily memorized with with effort.

This page will cover all of the sites in the Free Fire Bermuda map in alphabetical order, with detailed descriptions beneath. We’ll also introduce Descend status, which will be used to judge how perilous landing at a specific spot is and will be described beneath each site description to make sorting easier.

Bimasakti Strip

On the Bermuda map, Bimasakti Strip is located at E4. On the Free Fire Bermuda map, this place is a mediocre available loot area with both high and low locations. The below buildings produce decent treasure and its enormous tower gives a fantastic height advantage. It is known for its lofty structures and leveling ground. However, if the randomly placed tables nearby do not already satisfy player wants, the tents may contain average treasure.

The graveyard is located at C3 on the map. It is a low situated, high available loot area on the Bermuda map. Attracting many players to visit this area. The area contains a large shady house with lootable tombs and walls that provide some cover. Few houses also reach out to the landscape but don’t contain as much loot as the gloomy area within the location. A very advisable area to visit for good loot even when not a hot zone, but enter with extreme caution for nearby enemies.

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