Free fire best settings headshot for mobile


Free fire best headshot settings

Garena Free fire is a popular mobile game. The best setting you need to play this game is the one you will find in this article.

Free fire best setting :

In a battle royale game like Garena Free Fire, having the greatest settings that suit your gameplay is just as crucial as having the best loot and skills. Basic, sensitivity, controls, auto pickup, and sound settings are the five subcategories of in-game settings in Free Fire.

Although each player is at ease with a distinct set of options, we’ve compiled a list of the most commonly utilized options that will suit the majority of players. Players can adjust these settings by going to the settings area.

Basic Settings

Graphics: Standard (Ultra, if you have a high-end device)

Language: Choose the one that you know the best

Notch Screen: Turn on if your device has a notch display and the game is not running on full screen.

Minimap: Rotating

Sensitivity Settings

  • General: 48
  • Red Dot: 70
  • 2x Scope: 65
  • 4x Scope: 59
  • AWM Scope: 60


  • Aim Precision: Precise on Scope
  • Left Fire Button: Scope Only
  • Quick Switch Weapon: On
  • Quick Reload: On
  • AWM Sniping: Normal
  • Vehicle Controls: Two-Handed
  • Auto-Parachute: On
  • In-Game Tips: Simplified
  • Damage Indicator: Classic
  • Auto Switch Gun: Off
  • Visual Effects: Dark
  • Hitmarker: Classic

Auto Pickup

  • Weapons: On
  • Armor and Backpacks: On
  • Medkits: On
  • Ammo: On
  • Attachments: On
  • Grenades: Off
  • Special Equipments: Off
  • Event Items: On
  • Auto Pickup Speed: Default Speed


  • Music: 0
  • Sound Effects: 100
  • Voice: 100

free fire best setting in mobile

Players frequently ignore the need of adjusting sensitivity settings in Garena Free Fire. The game allows players to completely modify their sensitivity levels.

Players can improve their gameplay and overall skill by using the appropriate sensitivity. This also helps with the push for a higher position.

The optimal sensitivity settings for Free Fire are discussed in this article, which was released in March 2021.

Best Free Fire sensitivity settings

The following is an example of a sample range:

  • General: 90-100
  • Red Dot: 70-85
  • 2x Scope: 65-80
  • 4x Scope: 65-80
  • AWM Scope: 20-30
  • Free Look: 65

The free look sensitivity of the eye button, which is used to gaze about when sprinting, can be left at default.

The above-mentioned range is merely a guideline. It should not feel confining to the players. The idea is to become at ease while playing. Users should not, however, make frequent changes to their settings.

Before proceeding to the ranking matches, players can experiment with the settings on the training island.

Note that the above values are merely a suggested range based on the writer’s viewpoint. Sensitivity settings are inherently subjective. The devices and preferences of the players have a significant impact on them.

Players can adjust their sensitivity to Free Fire by following the methods outlined below.

Step 1: Press the symbol in the top right corner to access the settings section.

Step 2: Go to the “Sensitivity” portion of the menu. Here, users can personalize their choices. The default preferences are restored after a reset.

free fire best setting auto headshot :

Free Fire is one of the most popular games on the mobile platform, and its active user base has recently exploded. The game has 50 players in a lobby, and the main goal is to survive until the end and emerge victorious.

The game has a large number of weaponry, which might be difficult for newcomers to learn. Some of the weapons’ enormous recoil makes it difficult for players to aim, resulting in them losing battles.

Headshots are a good technique to kill adversaries in one shot. The ideal sensitivity settings for auto headshots are discussed in this article.

For Free Fire, use the Auto Headshot settings.

Note: The sensitivity levels given here are organized in the most generalized and appropriate manner for every game participant. Sensitivity settings differ from one device to the next.

The settings listed below will greatly reduce weapon recoil and provide the best sensitivity for locking down foes’ heads with quick responses.

  • General: 100
  • Red Dot: 75
  • 2X Scope: 69
  • 4X Scope: 62
  • AWM Scope: 34

Here are some instructions for using Free Fire’s settings:

  1. Open Free Fire on the preferred device.
  2. Allow for the appearance of the default menu screen.
  3. Tap on the Settings icon, which is located in the top right corner of the screen.
  4. A new menu tab will appear.
  5. Click on the Sensitivity tab on the left-hand side of the screen.
  6. Use the aforementioned parameters to get a perfect acclimatization with the auto headshot settings.

Follow these guidelines to aim auto headshots accurately.

It is always recommended for players, especially beginners, to aim at the opponent’s body and move the weapon slightly upwards after following the sensitivity settings in a game. The crosshair will automatically aim at the enemy’s head.

As a result of this movement, an auto-aim down to the head occurs, resulting in an instant kill with an auto headshot. This technique is not difficult to learn and may be readily accomplished with some practice on the training grounds.

The auto headshot sensitivity settings are unique to each player, and each player’s settings may vary in use. The settings can be changed to suit the player’s tastes.

To acquire the hang of the skill, it is best to set up the aforementioned sensitivity and grind it out in the training arena or in practice sessions with pals.

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