Free Fire ID, stats, actual name, monthly salary, and more for Apelapato999


Free Fire has a wide global following and has established itself in places like Brazil. There is a vibrant esports scene on the server, as well as some well-known content developers.

Henrique Simo, alias Apelapato999, is a well-known figure with more than 2.48 million YouTube subscribers and 807k Instagram followers. In the last month, the YouTuber has grown steadily, gaining 50k subscribers and 2.564 million views.

As of November 2021, what is Apelapato999’s Free Fire ID and statistics?
The Free Fire ID of Apelapato999 is 62875162. The following are the player’s stats in the game:

Stats for the rest of your life

Apelapato999 has 18k frags (Image via Free Fire)

Apelapato999 has played in 6968 squad games and won 1329 of them, giving him a win ratio of 19.07 percent. With 18668 frags, he maintains a K/D ratio of 3.31.

The Brazilian YouTuber has played 5547 duo matches and has gone unbeaten 1056 times, giving him a win percentage of 19.03 percent. He’s kept a K/D ratio of 4.64 with 20853 eliminations.

Aplapato999 has won 428 out of 2211 solo games, giving him a win percentage of 19.35 percent. The gamer has 6860 kills and a kill-to-death ratio of 3.85.

Ranked stats

Apelapato has not played a ranked game (Image via Free Fire)

In the current rated season, Apelapato999 has yet to play any games.

Career in the Clash Squad

He has a KDA of 2.30 (Image via Free Fire)

Apelapato999 has earned a booyah 1840 times in 2958 squad matches, giving him a victory record of 62.20 percent. He’s got 21797 kills and a KDA of 2.30, with an average damage per match of about 3609.

Note: Apelapato999’s Free Fire numbers were recorded at the time this article was written, and they may change as he plays additional games.

Monthly Income

Apelapato999’s monthly income (Image via Social Blade)

Apelapato999’s monthly earnings as per Social Blade is approximately in the range of $641 – $10.3K. The estimated yearly income is $7.7K – $123.1K.

The first video on Apelapato999’s channel was uploaded in April 2018, and there are presently only 77 videos on the channel, with a combined view count of around 130 million.

Over the years, he has amassed 2.48 million subscribers, placing him 751st in Brazil in terms of subscribers. The most popular of his videos has 9.9 million views.

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