Free Fire ID, stats, K/D ratio, and monthly income for Miss Diya (BlackPink Gaming) in November 2021


In the Free Fire community, Diya Hazarika, often known as Miss Diya, is a well-known content creator from India. She runs the BlackPink Gaming YouTube channel, where she streams and uploads videos on the battle royale game on a regular basis.

Her channel presently has over 1.2 million followers and 79.22 million total views. In addition, her Instagram account has 42.8 thousand followers.

Free Fire ID and Stats for Miss Diya
Miss Diya’s Free Fire ID is 558477413, and she has the following stats as of today, November 3:

Stats for the rest of your life

Lifetime stats

Miss Diya’s lifetime stats (Image via Free Fire)

Miss Diya has won 2632 of 11509 squad games in Free Fire, giving her a win percentage of 22.86 percent. She has a K/D ratio of 3.31 with 29379 kills.

Meanwhile, she has appeared in 11457 duo matches, winning 1981 of them, for a win record of 17.29 percent. Miss Diya has collected 28939 frags in the process, ensuring a K/D ratio of 3.05.

The YouTuber has also played 6157 solo games, with 644 first-place finishes for a win percentage of 10.45 percent. In this mode, she has 13253 kills with a K/D ratio of 2.40.

Ranked stats

Miss Diya’s ranked stats (Image via Free Fire)

Miss Diya has 58 team games with 20 wins in the current rated season, giving her a win rate of 34.48 percent. With 182 kills, she has a K/D ratio of 4.79.

Aside from that, BlackPink Gaming has played 26 duo matches and has three Booyahs, giving them an 11.53 percent win rate. She has 65 frags and a K/D ratio of 2.83.

Miss Diya has nine kills in six solo games, giving her a K/D ratio of 1.50. In a solitary ranked game, she has yet to win.

Note: The aforementioned figures were taken at the time of writing and are subject to change as Miss Diya continues to play additional games.

Her monthly earnings are estimated to be between $358 and $5.7K, according to Social Blade.

Miss Diya’s channel has grown tremendously over the last few years by uploading videos regularly. Her channel currently comprises 639 videos, the most popular of which has 7.3 million views.

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