Free Fire ID, stats, monthly earnings, and more for Miss Diya (BlackPink Gaming) in June 2021


In the Indian Free Fire community, Diya “Miss Diya” Hazarika is a well-known character. For quite some time, the well-known content creator has been broadcasting game-related stuff on her YouTube channel, “BlackPink Gaming.”

She now has 1.11 million subscribers, with 30K of them joining in the last 30 days. Here’s a rundown of her in-game stats.

All-time stats
All-time stats

Miss Diya has participated in 10255 squad games, winning 2218 of them, for a victory percentage of 21.62 percent. She’s also got 24465 kills under her belt, with a K/D ratio of 3.04.

In 11154 duo bouts, the streamer has outshined her opponents 1922 times, resulting in a win record of 17.23%. She has 28035 frags in the process, with a K/D ratio of 3.04.

In solo mode, the content creator has competed in 6122 games and has a winning tally of 637, resulting in a victory ratio of 10.40 percent. She also has 13140 eliminations with a K/D ratio of 2.40.

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Stats that are ranked

Ranked stats
Ranked stats

The statistics in this article were compiled at the time of publication. They may alter as the developer of the content continues to play Garena Free Fire games.

Her earnings (Image via Social Blade)

Diya’s monthly earnings, according to Social Blade, range from $916 to $14.7K. Her yearly earnings are expected to range from $11K to $175.8K.

Miss Diya’s channel’s oldest feed is from August of this year. She currently has 588 videos with a total of 70 million views.

The rise of BlackPink Gaming’s channel

She has 800,000 subscribers and over 60 million views in the last year. Readers can visit BlackPink Gaming’s YouTube account by clicking here.

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