Free Fire ID, stats, real name, Discord link, and monthly revenue details for an ungraduated gamer


Ayush Dubey, also known as UnGraduate Gamer, has made a name for himself in the Indian Free Fire scene.

In the previous few years, his YouTube channel has grown dramatically. The UnGraduate Gamer channel has a massive subscriber and view count of over 7.4 million and 939.68 million subscribers, respectively. In addition, UnGraduate Gamer’s Instagram account has 577 thousand followers.

Free Fire ID and Stats for Ungraduated Gamers
256205699 is his Free Fire ID.

Lifetime stats

UnGraduate Gamer’s lifetime stats (Image via Free Fire)

UnGraduate Gamer has played 29113 squad matches, outclassing his opponents in 8237 of them for a 28.29 percent win percentage. He has a kill-to-death ratio of 5.00 with 104420 kills.

Meanwhile, he has appeared in 727 duo games and has 159 first-place finishes, resulting in a 21.87 percent win rate. He’s racked up 1929 kills in the process, resulting in a K/D ratio of 3.40. Finally, UnGraduate Gamer has played 699 solo games, winning 160 of them, for a victory ratio of 22.88 percent. He has 2522 frags with a 4.68 K/D ratio.

Ranked stats

UnGraduate Gamer’s ranked stats (Image via Free Fire)

UnGraduate Gamer has 279 squad games and 173 Booyahs in the current season, giving him a win percentage of 62.00 percent. He has 1371 kills and a 12.93 kill-to-death ratio.

Aside from that, he’s only played one pair match, in which he killed three adversaries for a K/D ratio of 3.00.

Discord link

Readers can join UnGraduate Gamer’s Discord server by clicking here.

According to Social Blade, UnGraduate Gamer’s monthly earnings range from $16K to $256.8K.

UnGraduate Gamer is one of the most popular Indian YouTubers that creates Free Fire-related content. On his channel, he has 591 videos, the most popular of which has over 23 million views.

UnGraduate Gamer has gathered 160 thousand followers and 64.198 million views in the previous 30 days, according to Social Blade.

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