Free Fire ID, stats, subscribers rank, earnings, and more for GT King (Gaming Tamizhan).


Ravichandra Vigneshwer, often known as GT King, is a renowned YouTuber who makes Tamil-language Free Fire content. His “Gaming Tamizhan” YouTube channel currently has 2.48 million subscribers.

A year ago, GT King had only 940k subscribers on his YouTube account. He’s amassed 1.5 million subscribers since then.

GT King’s (Gaming Tamizhan) Free Fire ID and stats

GT King’s Free Fire ID is 287597612.

Lifetime stats

GT King’s lifetime stats

GT King has participated in 17978 squad games, winning 3579 of them for a victory rate of 19.90%. In this mode, he tallied up 50815 kills with a K/D ratio of 3.53.

The content creator has won 159 of the 1757 pair matches he has played, for a 9.04 percent win rate. In these matches, he has 3227 frags and a K/D ratio of 2.02.

GT King has also played 673 solo games and won 48 of them, giving him a 7.13 percent victory rate. In this mode, he has 1448 kills with a K/D ratio of 2.32.

Ranked stats

GT King’s ranked stats

This season, GT King has played 127 ranked squad matches, winning 21 of them for a victory rate of 16.93 percent. In this phase, he eliminated 480 foes with a K/D ratio of 4.66.

In the current rated season, the YouTuber hasn’t played any solo or pair matches.

The statistics in this article were compiled at the time of publication. They may alter as the developer of the content continues to play Garena Free Fire games.

GT King’s earnings

GT King’s earnings on YouTube 

GT King’s anticipated monthly and yearly profits from YouTube, according to Social Blade, are $3.4K – $55.2K and $41.4K – $662.2K, respectively.

GT King’s YouTube channel and subscribers rank

Gaming Tamizhan, GT King’s YouTube channel, presently has 857 videos. There have been 249.13 million views on these videos. The channel has earned 90k subscribers and 13.79 million views in the last 30 days.

When it comes to the amount of subscribers on YouTube, GT King is rated 8585th in India.

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