Free Fire Max’s top 5 attractive Gloo Wall skins (October 2021)


Free Fire Max is a brand-new battle royale game from the Garena studio. The game now has higher-resolution graphics and more dynamic gameplay. Characters, pets, and gloo walls are among the in-game components that players can use. All of these factors combine to provide players with a flawless gaming experience.

Gloo wall grenades are used to take cover from enemies quickly. Many skins for this utility item have also been released by the developers. They can be purchased with diamonds or obtained through events or elite passes.

Gloo Wall skins in Free Fire Max to showcase style on the battlefield

5) Rebel Academy Gloo Wall

The Rebel Academy Gloo Wall skin is owned by a smaller number of players. It was offered during prior season’s top-up events. The skin is completely red, white, and black in color. The skin is made even more vivid and gorgeous by the shield-like graffiti on the front side.

4) Spiky Spine

Spine that is spiky Gloo Wall skin is the most eye-catching of all the Gloo Wall skins. The neon-purple theme adds to the skin’s realism. The size of the gloo wall increases as well, providing better cover for the player. The skin is futuristic in appearance and resembles a rhino, and it is offered during the Spiky Punk top-up event.

3) Dragon Seal

Dragon Seal Gloo Wall skin in Free Fire Max (Image via Garena)

Dragon Seal is the third skin on the list of stylish-looking Gloo Walls in Free Fire Max. The skin has a golden dragon animated in the middle of the Gloo Wall, which gives it a furious look. Players love to use the skin as their primary Gloo Wall skin. The blue tint to the skin makes it even more cool-looking.

2) Nuclear Bunker Gloo Wall

The Nuclear Bunker Gloo Wall is one of Free Fire Max’s largest and coolest-looking Gloo Walls. Its enormous bulk is highly useful for gaining cover from hostile bullets. The skin has a bunker aspect to it, giving the player the feeling of being in a military operation. In prior game updates, the Tribal Scarf Top-up event was accessible.

1) Disco Fiasco Gloo Wall

Disco Fiasco Gloo Wall skin in Free Fire Max (Image via Garena)

Disco Fiasco Gloo Wall is the most fashionable Gloo Wall skin in Free Fire Max. The skin features a man dancing on the front side of the Gloo Wall’s disco floor, as the name suggests. The skin’s bright color scheme adds to its appeal. The skin may be purchased through the game’s store.

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