Free Fire MAX’s Top 5 Incubator Bundles (October 2021)


One of the more popular ways for players to obtain special bundles is through the use of a free Fire Incubator. Mobile gamers must use diamonds to spin the Incubator wheel and hope for the best.

To spin the wheel once, players will need 40 diamonds, and to spin the wheel five times, they will need 180 diamonds. Players will receive Blueprints and Evolution Stone Tokens from these spins, which they may exchange for Incubator packages. Right now, the top incubator bundles for Free Fire are as follows.

5) Top Criminal: Five Stunning Incubator Bundles with Free Fire

In Free Fire, this is one of the most popular Incubator combos. Yellow, Red, Blue, and Green are the four criminals; Green is one of the rarest packages available. As part of the 4th-anniversary update celebrations, the Green Criminal package was reintroduced.

Dino Rangers (n.d.) (n.d.) (n.

Dino Rangers are one of the most uncommon bundles in Free Fire, as well as one of the first to be released. There are six different Dino bundles to choose from, and each one must be equipped as a whole set. To get one Dino, players needed seven Evolution Stones and three Dino Blueprints.

3) Masters of Mysticism

This Incubator bundle, which was established a long time ago, offers three tattoo bundles to players. There were three costumes in total, one for each gender. The bundle is extremely rare and one of the most unique bundles available in Free Fire.

2) Manor Jestor

This is one of the game’s very few horror-themed Incubator packs. Players will notice parallels between the Jestor Manor bundle and the clown from the popular horror film IT. Players can purchase one of three varieties of spooky costumes: red, gold, or black.

1) Star Wars: Galaxy Troopers

This Incubator bundle set contains six bundles that players can win. The Star Crystal, Star’s Core, Silvery Beast, Pure White, Star Beast, and Inner Galaxy bundles are the ones to look for. To purchase the Galaxy Trooper set, players will need to collect Evolution Stone and Blueprint: Galaxy.

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