Free Fire news: The Weekend Booyah challenge offers a free skin and a voucher for an incubator


The activities centered on Booyah Day have finally arrived in Free Fire, putting an end to the long wait. Individuals can now obtain a variety of prizes, including themed skins and other goods.

The complete list of events can be found in the calendar below:

Booyah Day events have started in Garena Free Fire (Image via Free Fire)

Weekend Booyah is one of the forthcoming events in the game, and it will begin on the peak day, November 20. It will be available for two days, giving players 48 hours to fulfill the tasks and receive the prizes.

Free Fire Weekend Booyah: How to Get Free Pan Skin and More

This pan skin can be obtained by players for free (Image via Free Fire)

The Weekend Booyah event has sparked a lot of discussion within the Free Fire community. As previously indicated, it will be accessible to gamers on November 20th, which is approximately one week from today.

Individuals must get the Booyah (win) a certain number of times to receive the rewards, as the name implies. Here are the facts on what users will be able to acquire as a result of the event:

Obtain one victory: BOOYAH Dice 10x Obtain three victories: BOOYAH Dice (20 x BOOYAH Dice) Obtain five victories: BOOYAH DAY 2021 – Pan Obtain seven victories: 1 voucher for Weapon Royale and 1 voucher for Incubator

Gamers need to win matches a particular number of times (Image via Free Fire)

Gamers must win a certain amount of matches in order to progress (Image via Free Fire)
To accomplish this event, users are advised to play Clash Squad (CS) matches, which take less time and are easier to win.

Redeeming Procedures
1) Users will be entitled to receive the rewards after completing the job with seven wins. They would have to do so by tapping on the “Calendar” icon.

Tap on this icon to visit the events section (Image via Free Fire)

2) Individuals should then select the “Booyah on Weekends” tab from the “Booyah Day” section.

3) Finally, next to the rewards, they’ll see a “Claim” button. By clicking on that, the award will be redeemed.

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