Free fire pro-level auto headshot sensitivity settings and best aiming tips


More than just a magnificent persona and weaponry will be required to become the last guy remaining in Free Fire. Tactics are also crucial, and one of them is determining the optimal sensitivity levels.

In reality, Free Fire provides players with a variety of weapons with various settings, and mastering them might be difficult for certain players. The tremendous recoil might make it difficult to aim, causing players to lose the game. While headshots are an efficient way to kill adversaries in one shot for many players, these are the optimal Free Fire sensitivity settings for auto headshots you’ll need.

Best Free Fire sensitivity settings for auto headshots

The settings we’ve supplied will reduce weapon recoil and give you the best sensitivity for locking down enemies’ heads with lightning quick reactions.

General: 100
Red Dot: 75
2X Scope: 69
4X Scope: 62
AWM Scope: 34

Reminder: These sensitivity settings are provided in the most generic and acceptable manner for all Free Fire players. Various gadgets have different sensitivity settings.

How to apply settings in Free Fire

Knowing which Free Fire sensitivity settings are ideal for auto headshots is useless unless you know how to use them. Check out these detailed instructions for applying settings in Free Fire:

1.Open Free Fire on your device.
2.Wait until the default menu screen shows up.
3.Search for the Settings icon which is at the top right extreme corner of the screen, then tap on it.
4.You will see another menu tab appear.
5.Choose the Sensitivity tab on the left side of your screen.
6.Apply the settings as mentioned above to perfectly adjust with the auto headshot settings.

Tips to aim auto headshots directly

For those who don’t know, targeting the opponent’s body and slightly sliding the weapon upwards is always a good strategy for Free Fire gamers, especially newbies. The crosshair will automatically aim towards the enemy’s head in this manner.

The movement may result in an automatic ADS to the head, resulting in an immediate kill. It is not difficult to learn this technique, and with a little practice on the training foundation, it can be done smoothly.

Furthermore, we encourage that you set up the sensitivity as previously indicated and churn it out when training or practicing with buddies to get the most out of the talent.

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