Free fire pro player sk sabbir boss id and his full details


Sheikh Sabir, also known as SK Sabir Boss, is one of India’s most popular Free Fire content developers. On his YouTube account, “SK Sabir Gaming,” with 4.01 million subscribers, he regularly uploads gameplay clips. This document looks at his Free Fire ID, statistics, and other information. Free SK Sabir Boss’s free fire ID and statistics

SK Sabir Boss’s Free Fire ID is 55479535.

USK Sabir Boss has won 9562 of the 30197 games he has played, giving him a victory rate of 31.66 percent. In these games, he had 105197 kills and a K / D average of 5.10. Speaking of pairing mode, YouTuber has played 3058 games and won 625 of them, giving him a winning record of 20.43 percent. In this mode, you have 8349 pieces with a K / D rating of 3.43. SK Sabir Boss has also played 1646 individual games and won 144 of them, giving him a winning rate of 8.74 percent. He has a K23 D rating of 2.23 in these games, with 3349 kills.

In the current season, SK Sabir Boss has played 583 team games and won 221 of them, equivalent to a winning rate of 37.90 percent. In this mode, you have 2293 kills with a K / D rating of 6.33. The content developer also played one paired game and has a good record. In those games, he had 7 kills and a K / D rating of 7.00. In rated mode alone, SK Sabir Boss still has to play the game. The figures in this article were compiled at the time of publication. They can change as the content creator continues to play more Free Fire games. ISK Sabir Boss has 150k subscribers and 9,262 million views in the last 30 days, according to Social Blade.

With 4.53 million subscribers and 204.93 million views, SK Sabir Boss, or SK Sabir Gaming, is Indian Free Fire YouTuber. The character is also a member of the glamorous “BOSS” group. Telugu Gaming FF is another well-known Indian content provider. He makes Telugu videos, as the name of his channel says. It has 1.26 million subscribers and 141.49 million views combined at the time of writing.

Free SK Sabir Boss’s free fire ID and statistics

ISK Sabir Boss has played in 31693 team games and has not lost 9925 times, resulting in an average of 31.31 percent. With 110726 kills, he maintains a 5.09 K / D rating. In addition, he has competed in 3144 duo games and won 630 of them, resulting in a winning percentage of 20.03 percent. He has 8544 clips with a K / D rating of 3.40 as a result of the process. ISK Sabir Gaming has won 1687 games out of 147 single, with 8.71 percent winning. He has 3501 homicides and a homicide rate of 2.27.

ISK Sabir Gaming has participated in 688 team games this season, finishing 175th place first, equivalent to a victory rate of 25.43 percent. In those games, he killed 2271 opponents with a K / D rating of 4.43. YouTuber has played 24 games in dual mode and killed 58 opponents with a K / D rating of 2.42. SK Sabir Boss has three of the 21 averages scored in games alone, with a winning percentage of 14.28 percent. He has a K / D rating of 7.17 as a result of his 129 executions.

Free Telugu Gaming FF Fire ID and Statistics

Telugu Gaming FF has played in 23809 team games and won 4516 of them, earning a total of 18.96 percent. The player has 72321 kills and a K / D average of 3.75. He has won 382 of the 2829 games he has played, with a winning rate of 13.50%. He has 6860 homicides and a homicide rate of 2.80. With a winning history of 8.43 percent, this figure has 140 wins in 1659 games. Telegu Gaming FF has a 2.62 K / D rating of 3982 pieces.

The well-known content producer has played in 462 moderate squad games, winning 47 of them with a winning percentage of 10.17 percent. He has 1663 murders and a homicide rate of 4.01. Telugu Gaming FF also competed in 28 pairs of games, finishing one first place with 3.57 per cent winning. With a K / D rating of 2.04, you have 55 pieces. In the end, Telugu Gaming FF played three games and won two of them, giving them a winning record of 66.66 percent. He has 23 kills this way, with a K / D average of 23.00.

Who has better statistics?

For both life and team models, SK Sabir Boss has the power to manage the Telugu Gaming FF. For individual matchups, Telugu Gaming FF has a strong K / D rating, and the first one has a high winning rate. The Telugu Gaming FF numbers in this mode are incomparable because they have only played a few games on their own. In both counts listed, Telugu Gaming FF has a better winning rate, while SK Sabir Gaming has a higher K / D rating. Finally, in squad mode, SK Sabir Boss is stronger.

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