Free Fire rewards for Indian server: How to get free, permanent pet today (27 October 2021)


In Free Fire, gamers are frequently on the lookout for freebies. This is due to the fact that most high-end products, such as characters, pets, and clothing, require a substantial amount of diamonds.

They can acquire a broad selection of products for free because of the regular introduction of events. Diwali celebrations have recently begun on Free Fire’s Indian server, with free pets, weapon skins, and loot crates among the goodies on offer.

On the Free Fire Indian server, you can get a free pet and other incentives.

Charge the Portal

Charge the Portal offers several rewards to players (Image via Free Fire)

Users who are in charge of the Portal must accomplish daily missions. They will be rewarded with energy points if they do so, and there are three milestones for them to reach:

50 energy points (Portal Unlock) – Choose one of the four gun skins available.

90 energy points (Extra Charge) – One of the five pets available.

130 energy points (Super Charge) – One of the four gun skins available.

Players have to collect a particular number of energy points

As a result of this event, gamers will receive two gun skins and a permanent pet for free. All of the alternatives are listed below:

Detective Panda’s Pets

Famas – Warrior’s Spirit is skinned by RockieShibaRoboOttero Gun.

M60 – Crimson RedM4A1 – Flaming Skull UMP – Art of War

Diwali Top Up 2

Details regarding the Diwali Top Up 2 event (Image via Free Fire)

Following the first Diwali Top Up, a second one began on October 22, 2021 in Free Fire. It will be available till October 28, 2021, so players just have one more day.

Basically, they will receive two incentives after purchasing a certain number of diamonds:

Add 100 diamonds to your account to get a 3x Quadri Lava Weapon Loot Crate.

Top-up 300 diamonds for Katana – Sword of Honor

Aside from these two events, others, such as “Pick Diwali Hamper,” will start on October 29. Gamers will also receive a free Magic Cube and emote on November 4, 2021, the day of the festivities.

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