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We provide you the best free fire sensitivity settings for your mobile & pc. Control your game much better than before. Redeem code for your gun skin.

Free fire setting control:
We recommend that you set the graphics to Smooth, the music to “0,” and use the sensitivity that we recommend for the optimum performance. The rest of the settings are up to you (and aren’t really significant), however we do give the Pro options you’re searching for:

Free Fire Best Settings – Basic: The visuals, which may impact the speed of your mobile, can be found under the basic settings:

Graphics: If you want to enhance the performance of your mobile device, Smooth, however if you don’t need it and prefer the finest graphics, go for Ultra. If neither of the two options appeals to you, you can select Standard.
Notch Screen: Disabled
Minimap: Rotating

Free Fire Best Settings – Sensitivity: If you wish to enhance your aiming, you must modify the sensitivities of all the scopes, and the pro settings for all of them are available here:

General: 50 – 60
Red Dot: 45 – 55
2x Scope: 35 – 40
4x Scope: 25 – 35
AWM Scope: 20 – 30

You can set the controls as you want, but we recommend you:

Aim Precision: Default or Precise on Scope
Left Fire Button: Scope Only
Quick Weapon Switch: Off
Quick Reload: Off
AWM Sniping: Hold Fire to Scope
Vehicle Controls: Two Handed
Safezone Hints: Default or Simplified
Auto Parachute: On
Auto Pickup: Off
Visual Effects: Dark

Simply make certain that you hear what you need to hear:

Music: 0
Sounds Effects: 100
Voice: If you want teamplay “100”, but if you dont “0”

free fire setting code:
Garena, August 19 Redeem codes for Free Fire
FFX60C2IIVYU – Arctic blue
FFE4E0DIKX2D – Gloo wall Skin
FF5XZSZM6LEF – Titan Scar

Free fire control setting pc:

While Free Fire is designed to be played on mobile devices, switching to a PC emulator might be beneficial at times. Phones are always in use and hence quickly deteriorated – the more you play Free Fire, the slower your device will get. In this essay, we will discuss the benefits of playing Free Fire on an emulator, as well as how to set it up on PC and Free Fire PC Settings.

1 – Why should you use an emulator for Free Fire?
The best aspect about using an emu is that you can navigate and aim your character with the better control of a physical keyboard and mouse. There is a reason why playing shooters on PC is considerably more difficult – the mouse’s accuracy is far superior. You may assign all extra buttons to your keyboard, removing the need to rest your sweating hand on the screen. During lengthy play sessions, sweat on your hand would be the major factor preventing you from scoring shots.

As previously said, due to the greater performance of the PC, you can pretty much play the game for as long as you like. Normally, when playing on the phone, the battery becomes heated and slows down pretty much everything you do. Getting struck by those enormous framerate dips and latency would undoubtedly put a stop to your gameplay.

On a PC, streaming Free Fire is a lot easier; just download the appropriate streaming software, install it, and start streaming to YouTube. Because YouTube requires you to have over 1000 subscribers to broadcast directly from your phone, it’s a little more challenging on mobile. It also adds another layer of software, which may cause slowness.

Playing Free Fire on Emulator would keep your phone from breaking down, as gadgets break down quickly when used regularly. The tell-tale indication for this is heat – if your phone has been heating up higher than usual, it will be losing performance and battery charge. Playing Free Fire on Emulator would prevent that to happen – playing while charging is very dangerous.

2 – Free Fire PC Settings: How to set up an Emulator

All of the emulators on the market are essentially the same – you just install them and then log in with your Google account to sync your data. Simply download and execute the installer from the software’s main page. After that, simply download Free Fire from the Play Store as usual.

LD Player
Since its inception as one of the earliest Android emulators, LD Player has stayed at the top of the list. The many optimizations and specs that make it runnable on most PCs set it apart from the competition. LD’s custom keyboard and control are pretty easy to access and configure.

BlueStacks, the lightest emulator on this list, is definitely what you should use if your PC is on the lesser side. It is a rather well-balanced emulator, since it can achieve an acceptable level of performance on almost all devices. On Blue Stack, there are also less ads.

Nox Player
Nox Player is one of the most recent emulators on this list, with the most up-to-date features and technology. Of course, you’ll need a decent PC to operate it, as it requires more system resources to deliver that level of performance. Nox is also quite simple to set up and utilize. The comparatively high quantity of advertisements is most likely its flaw.

If your PC is less powerful than expected, Memu is an excellent alternative. It is the smallest and least powerful emulator, with only enough power to run Free Fire. This emulator also includes a pre-programmed keyset for Free Fire, allowing you to get right into the game.

The last emulator on our list is Gameloop, which comes as a surprise given that the program is frequently linked with PUBG Mobile. It can, however, run Free Fire just as well.The best part is that while gameloop was designed for shooter games, you may be able to get even more performance out of it when using it for Free Fire.

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