Free Fire’s Bandit Bundle: How to Get the New Magic Cube Bundle for Free


The Magic Cube is one of the most sought-after commodities in Garena Free Fire, and its appeal stems from the fact that it can be used to redeem a limited-edition outfit bundle. In most cases, it can be obtained by swapping 100x Magic Cube Fragments.

The Magic Cube store’s costumes are updated and new ones are added on a regular basis by the developers. The Bandit Bundle is one of the sets currently redeemable through the Magic Cube. The following items are included:

Bandit is a fictional character (Mask)
Bandit is a fictional character (Top)
Bandit is a fictional character (Bottom)
Bandit is a fictional character (Shoes)

Step-by-step instructions on how to get the Bandit Bundle for free in Free Fire.
Players have been given the option to get their hands on a variety of free goodies with the launch of Diwali activities. The devs will hand away a free Magic Cube to everyone on the Indian server on November 4th, the day of the celebrations.

Following these steps will allow users to claim it using a unique user interface:

1) To access the event part of Free Fire, click on the ‘Diya’ symbol in the lobby screen.

Press this icon to visit the events section in Free Fire (Image via Free Fire)

2) Users must then tap the ‘Go To’ button after pressing the ‘Claim Magic Cube on 4/11’ event.

Using this Cube, players will be eligible to claim a variety of bundles (Image via Free FIre)

3) On November 4th, players will see a ‘Claim’ option, which when clicked will redeem the Magic Cube.

Users will be able to claim the Bandit Bundle in Free Fire through the in-game shop once the Cube has been claimed:

1) In Garena Free Fire, tap the ‘Store’ icon to access the in-game store.

2) Go to the ‘Redeem’ section and look for the Bandit Bundle under the Magic Cube choice in the following step.

Users can then exchange the Magic Cube to get the Bandit Bundle in the game (Image via Free Fire)

3) Users can then select it and hit the ‘Exchange’ icon to use a Magic Cube to redeem the costume.

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