Free Fire’s Mythos top-up event: How to Get a Free Surfboard and Backpack Skin


Garena Free Fire events provide a variety of incentives while also keeping players involved in the game. Developers occasionally offer a top-up event that boosts the overall worth of users’ purchases.

Players must collect a certain quantity of diamonds in order to receive rewards from these events. Free Fire has now launched a new Mythos Top Up event, which will last roughly a week and will include skins for the surfboard and backpack.

The following is how to get the rewards from the Mythos Top Up event in Free Fire:

To collect their benefits, users must first purchase a particular number of diamonds. They can do so by tapping on the diamond icon.

Make a successful top up

Step 2: A selection of top packs will display on the screen, and they must select the one they want.

Step 3: After completing the transaction, gamers should proceed to the events area.

After purchasing the diamonds, press claim button beside the rewards

Step 4: Finally, under the ‘Mythos Top Up’ page, customers must tap on the claim button next to the matching prizes.

Both of these things are available in the game’s collection section for players to use.

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