Free Fire’s new Soccer Royale spin: price, perks, and all you need to know


Soccer Royale was recently introduced to Free Fire by Garena. It includes some of the most exclusive football jerseys ever created for the sport. Players must spend diamonds to spin the wheel and have a chance to win one of the prizes drawn at random from the prize pool.

Costume packs have become an important aspect of Free Fire, despite the fact that they have no effect on the user’s gameplay. They’re bought only for their aesthetic worth.

To provide customers with a diverse selection of options, the creators periodically add new cosmetic items and reintroduce old ones.

In Free Fire, take a look at the Soccer Royale spin.

The Soccer Royale will end on July 12th

The new Soccer Royale kicked off on July 6th and runs until July 12th. In the new event, a single spin will cost 25 gems. Users who purchase a set of 10 spins for 250 diamonds will receive an additional spin.

With each spin, your luck quotient rises, increasing your chances of obtaining uncommon things. It’s important to highlight that spinning a certain number of times does not guarantee a prize.

Prize pool includes the Chrono Top Scorer Bundle
  • Chrono Top Scorer Bundle
  • Samba Troupe
  • Iron Tank
  • Pampas Eagle
  • Golden Caffeine
  • Winged Hussar
  • Three Lions
  • Red Devils
  • Taeguek Tiger
  • Aztec Eagle
  • Carribean hurricane
  • Inca Warrior
  • La Coq Gaulois
  • Navigator
  • Bullfighter
  • The Claw of Charrua
  • Polar Bear
  • White Hurricane
  • Red Sea Breeze
  • King of Lions
  • Blue Shores
  • Conquerors’ Blue
  • Shadows

Besides this, several other non-cosmetic item rewards such as Bounty Card, Bonfire, Scanner, character fragments, and universal fragments are available.

How to get into the event and spin the wheel

Users can follow the steps given below to make spins in Soccer Royale

Step 1: First, they must open the Luck Royale section in Free Fire.

Click on Soccer Royale and make the preferred number of spins
Click on Soccer Royale and make the preferred number of spins

Step 2: Then, players select the “Soccer Royale” tab and make the

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