Free Fire’s Superchargers Bundle: How to Get It, Gaming Dice Spin, and More


Free Fire gamers are always on the lookout for new ways to earn unique costumes in the game, and they go to great lengths to obtain exclusive stuff, often spending hundreds of gems on cosmetics.

Wildfire Bolt Bundle, Tsunami Bolt Bundle, Tornado Bolt Bundle, and Twilight Bolt Bundle are the four new cosmetics available in Garena’s latest Gaming Dice event.

Gaming Dice event in Free Fire

The event began on October 25, 2021, at Free Fire and will end on October 31, 2021. Players must roll the dice to earn rewards and tokens based on the tile they land on, which makes the event unique. A single roll of dice costs 20 diamonds in the Gaming Dice event, while a pack of five costs 90 diamonds.

The list of available items in the Gaming Dice event (Image via Free Fire)

Here is the list of items along with the respective tokens:

  • Tile 1: Wildfire Bolt Bundle (10 tokens)
  • Tile 2: Sports Car – Cobra (5 tokens)
  • Tile 3: 1x Cube Fragments (3 tokens)
  • Tile 4: Diamond Royale Voucher (3 tokens)
  • Tile 5: Weapon Royale Voucher (3 tokens)
  • Tile 6: TRAP Famas Crate (2 tokens)
  • Tile 7: Kpop Stardom Crate (2 tokens)
  • Tile 8: Flaming Wolf Gun Crate (2 tokens)

Redeem store

The items available in the redemption store (Image via Free Fire)

Bundles and other rewards are not guaranteed to be obtained after a certain number of attempts. As a result, some players may just need a few hundred diamonds to receive the unique bundles, while others would require more.

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