Free Fire’s top 5 Magic Cube bundles (October 2021)


Bundles of Free Fire are a collection of individual fashion items that players can buy or trade in the store. Occasionally, a handful of the unique ones become available for exchange via Magic Cube.

However, Free Fire players are unable to reach it since forming a single cube requires 100 fragments, which is a difficult undertaking given the large amount of diamonds required.

Which Magic Cube packages in Free Fire are the finest this month?

5) Violet Flame Bundle

Violet Flame Bundle (Image via Free Fire)

Violet Flame Bundle is a lovely feminine bundle available for purchase. The violet-themed bundle has been around for a long time and looks wonderful. It was originally made available to consumers as part of the Diamond Royale in mid-2019. Players frequently gather this bundle in order to mix its items with others for a more appealing aesthetic effect. It contains the following items:

Violet Flame (Head)Violet Flame (Top)Violet Flame (Bottom)Violet Flame (Shoe)

4) Full Leather Bundle

Full Leather Jacket is widely utilized by Ajjubhai (Image via Free Fire)

Full Leather is a well-known bundle that is the oldest on the list, with only a few players owning it. The bundle was first released in mid-2018, and the prominent content creator Ajjubhai, alias Total Gaming, has made heavy use of it.
The bundle contains the following items:

Full Leather (Mask)Full Leather (Top)Full Leather (Bottom)Full Leather (Shoes)

3) Bandit Bundle

Bandit Bundle boasts great esthetic (Image via Free Fire)

The Bandit Bundle is undoubtedly the most sought-after cosmetic in Free Fire. Because of its distinctive blue style, this bundle will appeal to a wide range of people. Furthermore, the unique aura gives the character a stunning aspect. The bundle consists of the following items:

  • Bandit (Mask)
  • Bandit (Top)
  • Bandit (Bottom)
  • Bandit (Shoe)

2) Hipster Bunny Bundle

Hipster Bunny includes five items (Image via Free Fire)
Hipster Bunny includes five items (Image via Free Fire)

Bandit (Mask)Bandit (Top)Bandit (Bottom)Bandit (Shoe)

2) Hipster Bunny Bundle

Hipster Bunny includes five items (Image via Free Fire)

Hipster Bunny is one of the game’s numerous gorgeous feminine packages. The bunny-themed bundle has been around for quite some time, initially debuting in Diamond Royale in April 2020. Hipster Bunny also allows players to create fantastic combinations (Top). This bundle’s components are as follows:

Hipster Bunny (Head)Hipster Bunny (Mask)Hipster Bunny (Top)Hipster Bunny (Bottom)Hipster Bunny (Shoes)

1) Night Clown Bundle

Night Clown bundle is widely in demand (Image via Free Fire)

The Night Clown debuted in Diamond Royale in December 2018, and has since been one of the most sought-after cosmetics. Players should not miss out on the package because it will be accessible at the Magic Cube store. The bundle’s components are as follows:

Night Clown (Head)Night Clown (Top)Night Clown (Pants)Night Clown (Shoes

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