From the Free Fire Diwali Level Up Shop, here are the 5 finest goods to get with diamonds


The Diwali Level Up Shop is one of the events introduced by Garena in Free Fire to mark the Diwali festival within the battle royale game. It gives a huge discount on a variety of goodies, including a costume bundle, a rifle skin, the Elite Pass, and more.

There are three stages in all, with the first one requiring players to spin a wheel to receive a discount. To get the other two, they’ll have to spend a set amount of diamonds. Users can spin the wheel again on stages 2 and 3 to get further discounts afterwards.

The character Skyler, the Elite Pass, and other items are discounted during the Diwali Level Up Shop in Free Fire.

5) Magic Feathers Backpack

The Magic Feathers Backpack is the principal reward at Level 1 in the Diwali Level Up Shop event. It has a gorgeous pattern that is based on the peacock’s appearance. This rucksack is available for purchase by anyone interested in purchasing cosmetics.

4) Skyler

Skyler in Free Fire (Image via Free Fire)

Getting the character Skyler for a reduced price is a fantastic decision. Skyler has the Riptide Rhythm ability, which unleashes a sonic wave that damages five Gloo Walls within 100m at maximum level.

Each Gloo Wall deployed will result in a nine-point HP recovery. Skyler’s special skill has a 40-second cooldown.

3) Royal Warrior (SCAR)

Users can also purchase the SCAR skin using their in-game money. It’s not just for the sake of appearances. It also improves the weapon’s stats in some ways. On the battlefield, the skin has the following effects:

  • Range: “++”
  • Magazine: “-”

A single “+” denotes a gain, while a single “–” denotes a drop.

2) Elite Pass

The Elite Pass can be acquired by players at a massive discount (Image via Free Fire)

Another wonderful alternative for gamers to spend their diamonds during this event is to purchase the Elite Pass at a discounted price. The pass normally costs 499 gems, but with the discount, it will be much cheaper, making this an excellent offer.

After accumulating badges and climbing through the tiers, the pass will reward users with a variety of gifts.

1) Warrior Prince Bundle

Diwali Level Up event in Free Fire (Image via Free Fire)

The gorgeous costume bundle is likely the nicest thing that gamers can buy, and it is the main reward of the event. The following items are included:

Warrior Prince (Top)Warrior Prince (Bottom)Warrior Prince (Shoes)Warrior Prince (Head)Warrior Prince (Face)

Users can choose to buy the package with diamonds earned during Free Fire’s new event.

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