Garena Free Fire: How To Invite And Play With Friends 2021


One of the most popular battle royale games in the world is Garena Free Fire. Clash squad, bomb squad, rush hour, and zombie invasion are just a few of the game’s modes. We can play all of these games with our pals. This is the game’s unique selling point.

In this game, players may invite friends to join them on the island and fight with them in duo/squad modes. Many new players, however, are unsure how to join their friends to the Garena Free Fire.

How To Invite and Play With Friends In Garena Free Fire

1.Players will have to follow the steps given below to add friends to the game.

2.Tap the Invite button in the right-hand corner of the lobby.

3.From the side of the screen, a menu will appear. Select Add Friends.

4.A list of players appears in the new window. In Garena Free Fire, press the Plus symbol to the right of each player to add them as a buddy.

5.If you wish to add certain pals, go to the bottom of the screen and hit the player finder. Type in his or her name.

6.To send them an invitation, tap the + symbol.

7.They will show in your contact list, as well as on the Game Friends menu, after they agree. Additionally, there is a side menu in the lobby.

How do you start playing Garena Free Fire with friends?

You must first choose a multiplayer game mode. To change the mode, press this button in the lobby’s top right corner. Solo, Duo, and Squad will be presented as the three possible options.

When you select a Duo or Squad, a side menu of buddies will appear. A Garena Free Fire game invitation will be delivered if you tap on the Plus symbol to invite them to the game. You can begin playing together after your friend agrees.

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