Graeme Souness fires a shot at Manchester United’s Paul Pogba.


Graeme Souness, a pundit for EURO 20202, has slammed Manchester United’s Bruno Fernandes for his petulance towards his teammates. The Portuguese midfielder, according to the Liverpool legend, would not have lasted more than five minutes in his dressing room.

Bruno Fernandes of Manchester United is a loud player who criticizes his colleagues for misplacing crucial passes and failing to read another player’s run. Last week, during the EURO 2020 match between Germany and Portugal, a similar situation occurred.

Graeme Souness was quick to notice Bruno Fernandes’ behavior and called the Manchester United star out for it. The EURO 2020 pundit believes that it is not a sign of good leadership and should not be happening on the pitch. He said:

“He’s an exceptionally talented boy, there is so much to like about him. A great striker of the ball, when he shoots he makes the goalkeeper work. I played with players that would not be accepting of the thing you just touched on [petulance], you know he doesn’t get the ball and he is waving his hands around. He would not have lasted more than five minutes in my dressing room, but he is a wonderful talented boy.

“It would be more along the lines of who do you think you are? We play as a team, we win together, we lose together. Sometimes you will make a bad pass, sometimes you will not see the whole picture. So all that nonsense, shaking your head and waving your arms at your own teammates, is a no no for me.”

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