Gray Raven is currently available for pre-registration for iOS and Android devices.


Pre-registration for Punishing: Gray Raven, a cyberpunk RPG set in a gorgeous post-apocalyptic setting, is now open for Android and iOS. When Kuro Game’s beautiful title officially opens in July, players who pre-register will earn a slew of bonuses.

Punishing: Gray Raven is presently improving localization enhancements to provide the greatest, most smooth gameplay experience for enthusiastic fans, following the enormous success of its last Closed Beta Test. Commandants will need all the aid they can get to fend off the dangerous Corrupted who have taken over the globe, and the pre-registration incentives will help players prepare for the battle ahead.

Pre-registered players can choose from one of five high-tier Constructs, including Liv – Luminance (Support Type), Karenina – Ember (Attacker Type), Nanami – Pulse (Tank Type), Lee – Entropy (Attacker Type), or Kamui – Tenebrion (Attacker Type) (Tank Type). This is true regardless of the number of persons who sign up for pre-registration.


Of course, in this hack-and-slash action-RPG, conquering the planet entails more than merely selecting cyborgs for your squad. When the number of sign-ups reaches 500,000, users will be eligible for Black Card x 200, Cog x 20,000, C.E.M. IV x 2, Construct EXP Pod (Medium) x 2, Overclock Alloy x 2, and an exclusive Lucia Lotus: Daybreak character skin.

We did get a chance to play Punishing: Gray Raven in its early stages, and suffice it to say, the excitement is well-deserved! You can pre-register on Google Play and the App Store right now, and you can also keep up with the game’s official Facebook page for the newest news.

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