Green Criminal Bundle is one of the rarest Free Fire goods


The makers of Free Fire are constantly upgrading the game with new cosmetic items. Users can receive all of these items through a variety of methods, including events, luck royale, and so on.

The Green Criminal Bundle is one of the most highly coveted cosmetic items in Free Fire, and it has sparked a lot of debate. The Raider Spin event heralded the return of the unique costume to the fast-paced battle royale title as part of the 4th anniversary celebrations.

Green Criminal Bundle’s Best Free Fire Replacements5) Blue Dino

Blue Dino is commonly considered to be one of the most difficult costume packs to obtain in Free Fire. It has a large following in the game’s community, and many players want to get their hands on it.

It was first made available through the Incubator, where users had to swap a certain number of tokens. Unlike the other costume sets, this one must be purchased as a whole set.

4) Ramp Gloo

The Gloo Ramp is the next skin on this list, and it is often considered to be the most difficult to obtain for the gloo wall. This one is different from the others in the game since it allows players to climb over it.

On the other hand, the area covered by the skin is reduced, which is a disadvantage for the users.

3) Love’s Flowers (Emote)

Flowers of Love is one of the most popular emotes in Garena Free Fire, and it’s one of the most popular. A few years ago, it was offered as part of a Valentine’s Day-themed top-up event. Users had to spend a certain number of diamonds to get the emote back then.

The emote is commonly referred to as the “Rose” emote in the Free Fire community.

2) AK – Draco of the Blue Flame

The AK – Blue Flame Draco is widely regarded as the game’s best gun skin. Users can access additional advantages, such as unique effects, better qualities, and more, by leveling it up with Dragon Scale tokens.

The Evo skin was restored to the battle royale game a few weeks ago via the Faded Wheel.

a) Hip Hop Bundle a) Hip Hop Bundle b)

The Hip Hop bundle comes in first place and is one of the game’s most amazing costumes. One of the reasons it’s so hard to come by is that it was first added to Free Fire as part of the Season 2 Elite Pass.

The Hip Hop Bundle includes the following items:

The Avenues (Head)

The Avenues (Top)

The Avenues (Bottom)

The Avenues (Shoes)

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