GTA 4 PC cheat codes in its entirety (September 2021)


Cheats have grown so widespread in Grand Theft Auto games that they are unfathomable without them. Despite the fact that most developers no longer use cheat codes, the most recent GTA game includes them.

GTA 4 tried out a new method of enabling cheats in the game. To use the cheat, players had to dial a phone number associated with it. This phone number would be retained on Niko’s phone for future reference.

The cheat codes, on the other hand, were extremely basic. Only the most basic hacks were available, such as health, armor, weaponry, and vehicle spawning. This was in sharp contrast to prior games, especially GTA San Andreas, where cheating was frequently amusing.

As of September 2021, GTA 4 PC has all of the game’s cheat codes..

Players should be aware that utilizing cheat codes in the game will prevent them from obtaining certain achievements. Except for the Annihilator hack, this does not applicable to the vehicle spawning cheats. Achievements are unaffected by cheats like changing the weather and raising the desired level.

Players should be aware that employing cheats may result in negative repercussions such as malfunctions. These have the potential to corrupt the game, thus players should make a backup of their saves before proceeding.

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