GTA 5: San Andreas has reached its peak


The release of GTA 5 redefined gaming because it continues to serve as a benchmark against which other games are judged.

Despite the fact that the game is over eight years old, its lifespan will be extended to three console generations when the Expanded and Enhanced version of GTA 5 is released for new-gen console users.

The title has sold over 150 million copies worldwide over the years, and because of its online capabilities, it has brought players together.

Rockstar Games was one of many studios to reveal a game at the recently concluded PlayStation Showcase. Sadly, instead of a new title, the developers revealed an expanded version of GTA 5.

While this is exciting news, it is also distressing for a couple of reasons.

First, it was supposed to be released later this year, but it has now been pushed back to March 2022.

Second, it’s still the same title, which doesn’t pique the player’s interest in the same way that a new title like GTA 6 would.

GTA 5 has been the target of internet mockery.
When it first came out, the game was only available on the PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360. The subject matter has remained largely unchanged since then, implying that GTA Online has been the driving force behind the title’s success.

As of this writing, the trailer for the expanded version of GTA 5 and the remastered versions of PS2 era titles has received more dislikes than likes, which is a first.

The trailer for the re-release of the already massively successful title irritated even more fans because it mentions features like “seamless character switching,” which has been a staple of the game and isn’t something carved for PlayStation 5.

More importantly, while the graphics appear slightly better, honest franchise patrons believe they appear roughly the same.

Unsurprisingly, players have begun to take shots at GTA 5, which has accelerated in recent months.

Even though Rockstar has managed to keep everything under wraps, only an update centered on GTA 6 appears to be the solution to the aforementioned problem.

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