GTA Liberty City Stories has 5 notable characteristics.


GTA Liberty City Stories is an underrated game full of some overlooked yet intriguing features.

Features come and go within the GTA franchise. Hence, it’s interesting to look at some features that were either introduced or returned within GTA Liberty City Stories.

These aren’t the only features relevant to this topic, but it’s a diverse assortment of features that GTA Liberty City Stories fans should remember for one reason or another.

GTA Liberty City Stories¬†was originally a handheld video game, which did influence some of the features found in the game. It should be noted that this list will not include bugs, as those aren’t intentional features.

Five iconic features in GTA Liberty City Stories

#5 – Scrapyard Challenge

Going through coronas is nothing new in the GTA franchise, but it’s done in a unique way in GTA Liberty City Stories. Driving a Sanchez through a scrapyard is a unique experience, especially since this activity is linked to the automobile crusher, an iconic landmark.

At first look, the Scrapyard Challenge may appear worthless, but if a player earns 21 points, they will receive four times the amount of money if they use the legendary vehicle crusher. If a player earns 31 points, they will receive eight times the amount of money for crushing cars.

#4 – Avenging Angels

GTA Liberty City Stories had a lot of fun side missions compared to GTA 3, one of which was Avenging Angels. It’s essentially Vigilante, except the player has to wear a specific costume and they’re able to recruit other like-minded individuals to assist them.

It’s a rare side mission in which it has to be completed on all three islands to get all of the rewards. Portland Island gives the player an Avenger (which is bulletproof and fireproof) and only spawns once.

Staunton Island makes it so the player never loses money when busted, and Shoreside Vale gives the player the Hero Costume.

Of course, completion of all of these variants is needed for 100% completion and gives the player $1500 per completion.

#3 – Liberty City Cemetery

Paulie Sindacco
Paulie Sindacco’s grave (Image via GTA Wiki)

Locations are rarely updated in the GTA series as they tend to be static or change once throughout the course of the game. Other than Fort Staunton being blown up, GTA Liberty City Stories has another dynamic location in the form of the Liberty City Cemetery.

Whenever some storyline important characters are killed, they will get a gravestone here. The following characters have gravestones:

  • Dan Sucho
  • Giovanni Casa
  • Cedric “Wayne” Fotheringay
  • Jospeh Daniel O’Toole
  • Vincenzo Cilli
  • Roger C. Hole
  • Paulie Sindacco

#2 – A return to the outfit system

While some GTA fans are understandably disappointed with the lack of customization in GTA Liberty City Stories, it is still worth noting that this feature is a memorable one given the context.

Although players can’t customize the individual aspects of Toni Cipriani, there are still 16 outfits for the players to don. There are serious outfits that make sense given the context of the game’s story, but there are also sillier outfits that some fans might get a chuckle out of seeing.

#1 – GTA Liberty City Stories multiplayer

Despite the fact that GTA Liberty City Stories’ multiplayer wasn’t as broad as GTA Online’s, the former still included a sizable number of multiplayer activities for players to partake in.

In the PSP version, players could experiment with seven different modes, including deathmatches, races, and other minor tournaments. There are also quick cutscenes in each of these modes to provide some spice.

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