GTA Vice City differs from Vice City Stories in five ways.


The many similarities between Vice City Stories and GTA Vice City help to highlight their contrasts.

According to the chronological chronology, GTA Vice City is the sequel to Vice City Stories, but the latter game was released much later.

Some variants will be based on the events surrounding the two GTA games, while others will be based on gameplay.

The protagonist in the first game is Tommy Vercetti, whereas the protagonist in the second game is Victor Vance. It’s one thing to have a different point of view.

Another example is the technology developments in video game creation over the course of a few years. As a result, the disparities between the two games are catalyzed.

GTA Vice City differs from Vice City Stories in five ways.

#5 – Different cast and stories
Both games have Victor and Lance Vance, but there are noticeable differences in their characterization

Vice City Stories, surprise, features a distinct cast and story from GTA Vice City. While some features of the two games are comparable (such as drug trafficking and some well-known characters), the former takes a different approach.

In comparison to its predecessor, Vice City Stories takes a different approach to narrative. While GTA Vice City has a strong resemblance to 1980s films, Vice City Stories features a more original plot.

The 80s influence is still present, but the two protagonists have completely different objectives due to the new cast.

Different motivations cause different characters to emerge as central figures in each narrative.

Some characters, like as Ken Rosenberg, are completely absent from Vice City Stories, while others, such as Sgt. Jerry Martinez, die before the events of GTA Vice City.

#4 – Platforms the games are available on

Vice City Stories is only officially available on two platforms

Only the PSP and PS2 have been officially published for Vice City Stories. That’s a pittance in comparison to GTA Vice City, which came out on the:




Mac OS X



Fire OS

As a result, both games are available on the PlayStation 2, although GTA Vice City is available on many more consoles. Even if the former game is simple to replicate, it is not an official release for PC or any mobile device. As a result, GTA Vice City is more accessible to the general gaming public.

That also means that, although being released several years later, Vice City Stories has been out of the spotlight for far longer than GTA Vice City.

It’s unlikely to change anytime soon, which will only frustrate former game enthusiasts.

#3 – Victor Vance can swim

Victor Vance can swim

One of the most notable aspects of GTA Vice City was the fact that no one in the game could swim. Many players have justifiably derided Tommy’s inability to swim, given that Vice City is based on Miami, a city known for its beaches where people swim.

Fortunately, characters in Vice City Stories can swim. It was even featured in the game’s opening mission, as Victor had to swim back to shore after a transaction went bad.

This feature isn’t as robust as the one in GTA San Andreas, but it’s still a positive step forward.

#2 – What players can do in Leaf Links

Victor, playing golf

The golf course Leaf Links appears in both Vice City games. It’s only used in one mission in GTA Vice City, with the only other usage being that there are a few Hidden Packages strewn about. Despite having a golf club and a caddy, players in GTA Vice City are unable to play golf.

After completing the quest “Home’s on the Range,” characters in Vice City Stories can finally play golf.

It unlocks Swinger’s Club, a side activity in which Victor can play golf using the same principles as in the previously titled task.

The $1,000 award is only available once in the Swinger’s Club, although players are welcome to replay it as many times as they choose.

#1 – How assets are handled

Assets behave in a variety of ways depending on the game. Players in GTA Vice City complete missions for a variety of properties and can earn money every day.
It’s also worth remembering that players must collect their money from the assets.
The feature has been totally revamped in Vice City Stories. It’s now called as Empire Building, and all of the money earned goes straight to the player.
Players are not required to do missions in order to earn money, like they were in the previous game, but they should endeavor to protect their areas in the same way that gang warfare is handled in GTA San Andreas.

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