GTA Vice City Stories’ 5 Best Cars


GTA Vice City Stories is the final game in the 3D universe from Rockstar Games. The game was a forerunner to GTA Vice City, a 2002 classic. GTA Vice City Stories was first released on the PSP, but was later converted to the PlayStation 2.

The tenth installment of the Grand Theft Auto series is GTA Vice City Stories. On October 31, 2006, the game was released. It is based on a fictional Miami known as Vice City.

The events of GTA Vice City Stories take place two years prior to those of GTA Vice City. Players take on the role of Victor Vic Vance, a minor character from Grand Theft Auto: Vice City. Because they were released around the same time, the game shared many similarities with GTA Vice City, including the same map, automobiles, and even aesthetics.

This article highlights the five finest automobiles in GTA Vice City Stories, as GTA is a game where vehicles are given top emphasis.

GTA Vice City Stories’ Top 5 Cars

5) The Stallion

In GTA Vice City Stories, the Stallion is a muscle automobile based on the Oldsmobile Cutlass. It’s a classic car that’s been around since the 2D era and is famed for its ability to make doughnuts and drifts. The Stallion is primarily a fashion statement in the game, but it also performs admirably and has a reasonable top speed.

4) Voodoo is a type of voodoo.

The Voodoo is a popular car among the general public, as well as gangs in GTA Vice City. The automobile is based on a Chevrolet Impala from 1960. The Voodoo has a low center of gravity, which makes it extremely maneuverable, and it comes in pink or grey.

The Haitians’ favored gang automobile in GTA Vice City Stories is this car, which can be seen all across Vice City.

3) Dante’s Inferno

The Infernus is a legendary vehicle that appears in every game in the Grand Theft Auto series. Without the scissor doors, the automobile is based on the Lamborghini Countach. The Infernus is one of the game’s quickest cars.

Lance, the protagonist’s brother, has a white Infernus in Vice City Stories, which is wrecked in the task Light My Pyre. For many players seeking for a suitable getaway car, this is the vehicle of choice.

The Cheetah is a cheetah that lives in Africa.

The Cheetah is yet another car in GTA Vice City Stories that is one of the fastest to drive. The car is modeled on the mid-’80s Ferarri Testarossa. This car is tough to locate in the game because it only appears in parking lots. The car’s lack of acceleration is compensated for by its top speed.

1) The Sabre Turbo

In GTA Vice City Stories, the Sabre Turbo is possibly the fastest automobile. The Ford Mustang serves as the inspiration for the vehicle. In GTA Vice City, players are unable to change the color of their car. It features one of the best accelerations and highest speeds in the game thanks to its turbocharged engine. In GTA Vice City Stories, this car is the best all-arounder in terms of speed and style.

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