“Having played in the UAE for 9-10 years, Pakistan should have the largest edge in the T20 World Cup,” says Kamran Akmal.


Pakistan batsman Kamran Akmal believes his team will have a significant advantage in the T20 World Cup because they played international cricket in the UAE for nearly a decade. He did agree, though, that other countries would profit as well, because players from most countries compete in both the PSL and the IPL.

The PSL 2021 tournament just finished in the UAE, and the rest of the IPL 2021 will take place there in September and October.

International cricket was suspended in Pakistan after the attack on the Sri Lankan team in Lahore in 2009, and it has just recently reintroduced. In the interval, Pakistan’s home venue was the United Arab Emirates.

Akmal stated why Pakistan would enjoy participating in the T20 World Cup in the UAE on his YouTube channel, ‘My Master Cricket Coach.’ He stated, ”

“Pakistan should have the biggest advantage in the T20 World Cup. We played international cricket for 9 to 10 years in the UAE. That makes Pakistan the most experienced side under the conditions.”

“Not only players from India and Pakistan but from those the other countries will also benefit going into the T20 World Cup since a lot of them are part of both PSL and IPL. Given the conditions in the UAE, Afghanistan can also prove to be a dangerous side, looking at the players that they have. So it is difficult to pick a favorite for the T20 World Cup,” he went on to add.

Apart from the obvious advantage of being familiar with the circumstances, according to Akmal, a lot will rely on the type of team Pakistan sends to the T20 World Cup. In this regard, he stated, the England and West Indies tours will be crucial. According to the Pakistani batsman,

“The matches should be competitive irrespective of the results. Both England and West Indies are very strong sides. England defeated Sri Lanka as if they were playing a club side. If Pakistan play tough series’ going into the T20 World Cup, it would benefit them. The team will get a better idea of their playing XI for the T20 World Cup after these two significant tours.”

Before the T20 World Cup, Pakistan should not over-experiment with opening slots, according to Kamran Akmal.

While Mohammad Rizwan and skipper Babar Azam have performed admirably as T20 openers, past players and the media in Pakistan have suggested that the starting position be changed.

However, according to Akmal, individuals are attempting to repair something that isn’t broken. He asserted:

“Opening is not an issue for Pakistan. Some former players and the media are unnecessarily debating over stuff like why Sharjeel Khan should open. Babar Azam and Mohammad Rizwan have been opening for the last year. They have performed well and have developed a good understanding. They have won us ODI series and T20I series, so why spoil the opening combination without any reason? Players should not be fit forcefully. Look at how Azam and Rizwan perform in England and West Indies. If they don’t do well, then Pakistan can think about a change. Definitely not now.”

The 2021 T20 World Cup will be hosted in the United Arab Emirates from October 17 to November 14. The final of the IPL 2021 is expected to take place on October 15.

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