Hellfire M4A1 is one of the most popular Free Fire gun skins (October 2021)


Gun skins are without a doubt one of the most desired things in Free Fire. They not only enhance a weapon’s overall appearance, but also raise certain stats. As a result, skins have evolved into more than just cosmetic enhancements for gamers.

Free Fire has a large number of gun skins, and the developers are constantly adding new ones. The Hellfire M4A1, also known as the M4A1 Flaming Skull, is one of the most well-known. Here are five popular gun skins that are similar to it.

Disclaimer: This list is based on the writer’s personal opinions, and readers’ opinions may differ.

Hellfire M4A1 is one of five fantastic Free Fire rifle skins.

5) Destiny Guardian XM8

Destiny Guardian XM8 (Image via Free Fire)

One of the best skins for this Assault Rifle is the Destiny Guardian XM8 skin. This is one of the game’s six Evo gun skins, and it improves the following attributes:

“++”Damage: “+”Fire Rate: “+”Reload Speed: “-“
The various privileges will be unlocked by using Destiny Lightning tokens to upgrade the weapon skin.

4) Earth M4A1

Earth M4A1 (Image via Free Fire)

The Earth M4A1 skin is another popular option for the M4A1 in Free Fire. It is currently available for purchase through the Scorching Sands Weapon Loot Crate, which costs 40 diamonds.

In Garena Free Fire, the Earth M4A1 gun skin has the following effects:

“+”Rate of Fire: “++”Magazine: “-“Damage: “+”Rate of Fire: “++”

3) AWM Duke Swallowtail

Duke Swallowtail AWM (Image via Free Fire)

Duke Swallowtail is a superb gun skin for the sniper rifle AWM that is also quite attractive. If players want to focus this firearm on the battlefield, it is a fantastic choice.

The following are the effects of Duke Swallowtail AWM:

“++”Reload Speed: “-“Magazine: “+”Rate of Fire: “++”

2) Megalodon Alpha SCAR

Megalodon Alpha SCAR (Image via Free Fire)

Megalodon Alpha is another another Evo gun skin on this list, having been released in January of this year. Shark Tooth tokens can be used to level up this weapon and gain up to eight perks, such as a new look, improved qualities, and more.

The following are the effects of Megalodon Alpha SCAR for readers to consider:

“+”Rate of Fire: “++”Reload Speed: “-“Damage: “+”Damage: “+”Damage: “+”Damage: “+

1) Blue Flame Draco AK

Blue Flame Draco AK (Image via Free Fire)

Blue Flame Draco takes the top rank on this list and is one of the most popular gun skins for the AK-47. It was one of the first Evo firearms to be added in Free Fire, and it was accessible via the Faded Wheel.

Gamers will be able to level up the Blue Flame Draco by using the Dragon Scale. The gun skin has the following effects at its maximum level, making it an ideal choice for players:

Damage: “++”Fire Rate: “+”Movement Speed: “-“
A single “+” denotes a gain, while a single “-” denotes a drop.

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