How can I earn free goodies from the Free Fire x Street Fighter collab?


Last month, Free Fire announced a collaboration with a video game franchise developed by Capcom Street Fighter. Fans had been waiting for the new events, and finally, the crossover events have gone live in-game today, i.e., July 2nd, 2021.

Calendar of the events

As part of this partnership, players have the opportunity to lay their hands on Street Fighter-themed cosmetics. Many of these can be availed for free from the various events that have already begun in Free Fire.

Obtaining free rewards from Free Fire x Street Fighter collab events

Free Fighter event in the game

In this event, the players have to collect the “Red Arcade Controller” and “White Arcade Controller.” This can be done by completing daily missions.

These are available after match drops as well:

  • 2x White Arcade Controller – July 2nd to July 18th
  • 2x Red Arcade Controller – Only on July 10th
  • 1x Red Arcade Controller – July 11th to July 18th

After obtaining them, users must knock the opponents out. They’ll be dropping a box based on their level. The “Ryu T-Shirt” is among the rewards in the Lvl. 4 Fighter Chest.

The surfboard

Moreover, players would be receiving an exclusive surfboard skin for defeating seven enemies.

7 Days Login event

On July 10th, which is the peak day of the event, players will have an opportunity to claim the “Ryu” avatar as the login reward.

Knockout Arcade

In the Knockout Arcade, players need to collect gold coins (which can be done by clearing daily missions). After that, they can use them at the knockout arcade. Depending on the punch strength, users will receive a Glove Token. And once users obtain a certain number of them, they can claim the milestone rewards.

The specifics are:

  1. SF Parachute: 20 Glove Tokens
  2. SF Banner: 10 Glove Tokens
  3. Gold Royale Voucher: 5 Glove Tokens

Details regarding the “Fighter Missions” and “Shiba Missions” haven’t been revealed yet. It is likely that the developers will announce the information about them in the coming days.

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