How can you become a BGMI pro with a low-end smartphone? Some pointers


The gamer owns a high-end device capable of smoothly playing the BGMI. The BGMI players that play on low-end smartphones, on the other hand, have a hard time breaking into the professional ranks. If you have a smartphone with 2GB or 3GB of RAM and your opponent is using a branded handset, you may face numerous difficulties due to frame rate (FPS). Other issues with playing the Battleground India game on a low-end phone include:

(I) There is no bullet register. Because of the poor processor and RAM, if you spray on your attacker, the bullets will go in the wrong way. As a result, you’ll lose fights at close range.

(II) Pushing while lagging If your mobile is low-end, it will lag when the opponent pushes against you or when you rush upon your enemy.

(III) Aiming difficulties Using a phone with less than 3GB RAM makes it difficult to aim for the opponent’s head and torso.

But don’t worry about your gadget’s shortcomings; even the most inept device won’t prevent you from being a BGMI pro.

Some tips to become BGMI pro in a low-end mobile

Use GFX and increase the performance.

To begin, consider how you can improve the game’s gaming performance. In the best of circumstances, the poor FPS and lag detract from your pleasant mood. As a result, to play the BGMI smoothly and become a pro, make use of the greatest GFX tools available. Many GFX are available in the marketplace that can dramatically improve your gameplay and performance.

Don’t land on hot-drops and competitive zones.

The hot drops are the areas where a large number of players land. But you shouldn’t go to the BGMI’s hot-drops – not because you’re untrained, but because you don’t have the appropriate device for the job. There’s a good possibility your phone will heat up and lag if it has less than 3GB of RAM. As a result, strive to demonstrate your abilities in the safe zones where only a few players are present. Here are some of the greatest landing spots in the ERANGLE MAP for BGMI players with 2GB or 3GB RAM.

Don’t join 3rd party battle.

A war involving many players occurs regularly in places such as an apartment, squad house, or beside a bridge. Also, try to stay away from such third-party fights if you want to serve longer. If you rush into such a battle, your low-end phone will lag, and the game will be finished. However, you can return there once the combat is over to finish out the remaining opponents.

Don’t pay with rusher Noobs.

On Battleground India, some players solely play to rush other players. They are unconcerned with the number of opponents in the area. You should also avoid playing with rushers like this. Why? Because if you play with them, you’ll find yourself in a perilous scenario. And if they do, don’t you think you’ll have problems?

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