How can you find the headline theme on Pubg mobile easily?


They are professional gamers who have won the Pubg mobile headshot kills title. Because the game is all about finishing the opponent with a flawless headshot—and only the best, most competent, and experienced players are capable of landing the bullet perfectly on the opponent’s head.

The headshot in Pubg mobile does more damage than the body shot. Long- and short-range aiming at the enemy’s head, on the other hand, necessitates flawless aiming proficiency. As a result, this title is a little more difficult to obtain. As a result, only the aiming master will be able to fast acquire the headshot kills accomplishment in Pubg mobile.

The requirement to achive a headshot kills the title:

(I) At least a platinum tire is needed 

(II) Your game level should be at least 30.

(III) Only headshot kills are counted for the rank.

Your objective is to get more headshot kills to reach the top 100 ranks for the achievement.

And to check your rank;

  • Go to season rank 
  • Go to your region.
  • Select headshot kills to check your position.

Best tips to unlock Pubg mobile headshot kills title easily

Land on hot drops

You’ll need to find more foes on the battlefield to offer additional headshots. And, as you may know, hot-drop is where the majority of players land. So, if you want to unlock the headshot title quickly, you should play on hot drops. However, keep in mind that hot drops are a competitive zone, so plan ahead of time and play carefully.

Improve your aim. The accuracy of your aiming determines how many headshot kills you get. You can quickly get your title if you can use all of the guns with flawless precision. So, first and foremost, work on your aiming abilities by spending more time on the practice field, TDM, and Cheerpark.

Play 1 VS 4

The solo VS squad mode means you’ll be playing alone against the battleground’s many adversaries. Plus, no one can take your kills, and you’ll be able to find new foes. If you’re playing with your squad, however, they’ll try to steal your kill for their own gain. So, if you want to acquire the headshot kills title in Pubg mobile quickly, you need play 1 VS 4 matches. Solo VS squad, on the other hand, is more difficult to play because there is no teammate, no communication, and more foes. So, proceed with caution.

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