How can you find the middle man title on Pubg’s cell phone? Some tips


In Pubg Mobile, the middle man title is the most appealing and well-known achievement. To earn the title of middle man, you must kill your opponent on the battleground from mid-range. As a result, it is also a difficult feat in the area of region title. However, this post has some pointers that will make your job easier.

Requirements for obtaining the title of middleman

(I) Your tier must be platinum or higher.

(II) Your game’s difficulty level must be at least 30.

(III) You must defeat your opponent in a mid-range combat.

In the Pubg mobile, mid-range refers to a distance of 10 to 15 meters.

And if you fail to get the kills from the required range, your success is not counted.

Steps to check the rank for middle man title

  • Go to season rank
  • Go to your region.
  • Tap on the middle man to check your progress.

These are some tips to unlock Pubg mobile middle man title.

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Use the best gun you can and work on your aim.

To get the title of middle man, you must kill the enemy from a mid-range distance (10-150m).

So, first and foremost, attempt to win every combat in the mid-range. On each map of the game, there are numerous hot drop spots where you can play.

Improve your aim by practicing at the cheer park, which serves as a training field. For the close-range fight, use the greatest firearms, such as the M416, AKM, M762, and other AR.

Play on the hottest drops

It’s all about getting more kills in this game, therefore you’ll need more foes. As a result, hot drops are the greatest area to earn the title of middle man in Pubg mobile.

Perfection in killing

For instance, you might knock an adversary or bot under 10 meters or over 150 meters away, then end him from mid-range. No matter how far you knocked your opponent out, ponder before you deliver a finishing shot.

Every match in the game allows you to receive 1-2 bots. So, instead of wasting your bullet, kill them from an inconvenient gap.

Low tier is beneficial to you.

In the battleground, if you are in the Ace, Conqueror rank, you will encounter professional players. As a result, killing the enemy will be challenging.

So, when you’re in the platinum V-Diamon I rating, it’s best to go for the title. And keep your tier at the same level till you’re no longer a middle guy.

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