How do I acquire more heroic and grandmaster level points in Free Fire?


Free Fire is a battle royale game that includes a variety of maps, features, and modes. It is the most widely downloaded game, with millions of players active on a regular basis. And every Free Fire player’s sole purpose is to gain more rank points in order to progress to the heroic or grandmaster tier. Your profile’s reputation and status are determined by your rank. If your tier is high, it means you’re a professional player with excellent abilities. And, as you may know, your rank is determined on your surviving abilities, kills, and booyah. So, let’s talk about the idea of gaining more rank points in order to become a god of Free fire.

The best tip to increase rank points in free fire

As you may know, getting a bonus rank point on the diamond tier to achieve heroic is difficult. Similarly, you won’t gain many bonus points for jumping on the grandmaster in heroic. Meaning, until you attain the diamond, you will automatically gain additional rank points. The higher your rank, though, the fewer rank points you will receive in the FF. As a result, pay close attention to the following advice:

Just focus on getting booyah with dedication.

You will only receive a few rank points from the diamond tier. However, if you don’t obtain booyah or someone kills your character in the first circle, you’ll lose all of your hard-won points. And you’re well aware that regaining lost points in the FF is a difficult effort. As a result, use these strategies to help you focus on booyah:

Go far from plan path

Many foes who play rush will be found near the plane path. As a result, if you fool about with the trail, you will encounter numerous survival obstacles. As a result, land far out from the plane’s path to quickly gain rank points in FF.

Play circle to circle

It indicates you should avoid the center of the safe zone after going far away from the airplane path and looting. You’ll come across pro foes who are experts at dropping hot drops in that location. To obtain more rank points for heroicgrandmaster in Free fire, attempt to survive two circles while dodging opponents.

Try to become top 3

You can rescue your points from a minus if you finish in the top three players on the FF battleground. Even if you do not acquire booyah after obtaining that position, you will not lose your points. This approach, however, does not always work because the rank point is usually determined by the amount of time you survive.

Do high kills is good for the plus rank point in FF?

Yes, earning more kills in Free fire will help you rise more quickly. However, if your main goal is to get kills for the rank, you will fail. Because you will not find a single Noob player in the rank push lobby. So, rather than focusing on high kills, aim to level up to gain rank points by obtaining booyah.

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