How do I keep my K/D ratio high in Free Fire?


Garena Free Fire features quick, action-packed BR matches and intense 5v5 squad combat. With season 23 swiftly approaching, players might want to increase their accuracy, adjust their strategies and level up their profile.

One important stat that indicates a strong profile is the K/D a.k.a. Kill/Death ratio. It shows the ratio between the total kills and the number of times the player has died.

A few tips on how to ramp up and maintain a high K/D ratio in Free Fire

1) Work on accuracy

Several players underestimate the importance of customized settings. Just some slight adjustments in sensitivity and controls can go a long way in improving aim and accuracy. Head over to the settings and tinker with the sensitivity controls to get the adjustments that work best.

2) Land in a safe place

Most of the players will agree that landing on a hot spot results in an early death. Often, players are lured to land in hot drops like Clock Tower by fancy gear and some early action.

However, this can negatively affect the K/D ratio. Instead, land in relatively safer areas where players can fully equip themselves and then head over to popular areas.

3) Determine a strategy

The goal is to balance out the Kill/Death ratio. This balance can be struck in two ways: killing more or dying less. Players can adopt a passive strategy where they make it to the end of a BR session to get a Booyah.

Alternatively, players can go all-aggressive. If a player gets a good number of kills, it helps boost the K/D ratio.

4) Get reliable teammates

Keep the squad constant. (Image via Actionbolt, YouTube)

Random matches are fun. But for some serious gaming, players should have a consistent squad. This is because you can plan a strategy before heading out to the battlefield.

Additionally, players are dependent on their teammates to revive, rescue and assist them. Playing with the same squad will ensure a smoother game.

5) Use gloo wall and smoke grenades

It’s not just about guns and snipers all the time. Players often forget they have grenades in their backpack and are too slow to deploy a gloo wall. Smoke grenade + Gloo wall is a lethal combination that will take their gameplay up a notch. Both items can be used offensively and defensively.

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