How do you pick the greatest Free Fire character and pet combos


Characters are a distinctive aspect of Free Fire since they have unique skills that are beneficial as well as decorative. Pets can be purchased and used on the battlefield, and even these creatures have unique abilities that contribute to the overall action.

In Free Fire, players must choose the correct pet to suit their character’s attributes. This increases one’s overall odds of winning a game.

Guide on selecting pet+character combinations in Free Fire

A wide array of characters are present in Free Fire (Image via Free Fire)

In Free Fire, players can choose from a variety of unique characters and pets, offering them a wide range of options when building together combos. The game has 41 characters and 16 pets at the time of writing.

When generating combinations, the powers and skills of the various characters and pets are the most crucial aspects to consider.

Instead of randomly pairing pets with characters, it’s best to pair talents that complement each other. The following sample will give the gamers a better understanding of what to expect.

Rockie pet + character with an active ability

Rockie’s skill reduces the cooldown time of active skills (Image via Free Fire)

Rockie’s ability, “Stay Chill,” is particularly useful for characters with active abilities. At the most basic level, below are the exact details:

“The equipped active skill’s cooldown time reduced by 15%.”
As a result, the active skills’ cooldown time will be greatly decreased, allowing gamers to use them for shorter periods of time.

Chrono’s skill, for example, has a 170-second cooldown at the highest level. If the Rockie pet is equipped, the time will be reduced by 15%. This would be extremely beneficial to the users and provide them a competitive advantage on the battlefield.

Falco pet and its ability in Garena Free Fire (Image via Free Fire)

It’s also a good idea for users to look at the dogs’ other traits. Falco is another example, who is amazing in the Battle Royale mode. It speeds up gliding and diving, allowing users to land more quickly.

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