How do you quickly gain a lot of popularity in BGMI? India’s mobile battleground


There are various things that players can attain and collect in battlefield mobile India. Every BGMI player’s dream is to amass a large amount of popularity. By gaining more popularity in the game, players can improve their reputation and fame. It also aids in the completion of various other BGMI goals.

Furthermore, players may see their name in the popularity rank dashboard of their country if they have more popularity in battleground mobile India. Simply put, it demonstrates how well-liked you and your BGMI profile were by other gamers. In BGMI, for example, the majority of youtube has the most popularity.

You may be aware that since switching to Battleground Mobile India, all players’ popularity ranks have dropped to zero. And they’ll have to fight from the start to reclaim their lost popularity.

Here are the tips to increase popularity in BGMI quickly

Purchase bike from the clan

In the PUBGM, it takes a long time to build and level up your clan. However, if you switch to the BGMI, your hard-won clan is now useless. However, don’t give up hope and try again to expand your clan. Because if you reach level 5, you can buy a bike from the clan shop on a daily basis. So, try to level up your clan, add members, request your social media friend to join the clan.

Don’t forget to give like

You can give a like to your teammate in BGMI once you finish the match. However, you may forget to do so most of the time, which is a matter of regret. You will gain 10 popularity if you provide a like to a colleague. In addition, by offering like to three teammates, you can gain 30 popularity in a single battle.

Now consider this: if you always share likes, you will have unlimited popularity in the BGMI in a month. The difficulty is that the contest is only going to last 30 minutes, which is a long time. However, by playing on the LIVIK, Karakin, and TDMS, you can use tick to get fame in battleground mobile India.

From local message

Many players nowadays get a lot of notoriety by impersonating popular YouTubers in local chat rooms. However, increasing one’s popularity status using this method is a bad idea. So, be a nice man, use your actual name, and ask others to promote you in the local chat room.

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