How do you unlock the topic of a close encounter on Pubg’s mobile?


Close encounter is the most valuable and difficult title to obtain in Pubg mobile. The person that has this title has a positive reputation among the other players. The title is unique in that it embellishes your profile by include your country’s flag. In Pubg mobile, you’ll need a top 100 ranking in your country to win a close encounter title.

(I) You need platinum or more tiers to get the title.

(II) Your game level should not be less than 30.

(III) The subject of an intimate meeting is not permanent. You can hold it until you reach the required level. Otherwise, you will lose your title a week later if you lose the position.

How would you view the position of the topic of a close meeting?

Go to the season level. You will see a variety of topics. Tap to close the meet option to check the rank. Here are some great tips to unlock the topic of close encounters on Pubg mobile Play 1vs2 or 1vs4

To obtain a close encounter, you must kill your opponent from a distance of less than 10 meters. If you kill them from a distance of more than 10 meters, the kill has no bearing on the championship. As a result, I recommend that you play 1v2 and 1v4 battles. They will steal your kills if you play with the team. As a result, you’ll be short on kills. And if you play single vs duo or squad, you’ll meet more adversaries and bots, allowing you to quickly get the close encounter title. Playing solo versus squad, on the other hand, is challenging. But put your tire aside for a moment to receive the title.

High tier is too hard.

You’ll find a robust lobby if you play on the higher tiers, such as Ace, Conqueror, and Crown. As a result, you are unable to play 1vs4 effectively. So, keep your platinum V-Diamond tier until you don’t get your title.

Play on Livik hot-drops

The Livik is well-known for its bots. Every match on this map will have at least 2-3 bots. In addition, the Livik is the greatest for getting more kills. You won’t have any trouble finding foes due to the game’s small size. So, inside the Livik, land on sites like powerplant, Midtstein, and Crabgrass. You will easily obtain 1-2 squads in those locations.

Try to finish below the 10-meter distance.

For example, you knock bot from a distance (more than 10m). In this case, don’t finish it from the long-range. Instead, go near to knocked bot cautiously to finish it. But do it carefully- look around if your enemy is nearby.

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