How to acquire a free legendary gun skin this week in Free Fire


Players can purchase an intriguing variety of cosmetics in Free Fire. Gun skins are a must-have among these because of their aesthetic appeal and ability to increase a gun’s base stats. Because of the strategic advantages that these skins provide, gamers are willing to spend money to obtain the exclusive and legendary skins.

Fortunately for those who don’t have enough diamonds, Free Fire offers plenty of events to choose from, with new ones being added on a regular basis. Diwali activities have recently taken place, giving the playerbase with a slew of freebies. Legendary gun skins, bundles, a pet, and more are included.

Users can choose two legendary gun skins (Image via Free Fire)

The new Charge the Portal to Come Home event kicked off on October 25, 2021, and will reward players for accomplishing the objectives. They will receive two legendary gun skins and a pet as a gift.

Players must complete a series of daily quests to collect Energy Points, which will be used to charge the portal, throughout this event. They can also invite their friends to accompany them on this quest because all of the Energy Points will be split among the entire group.

Users should collect Energy Points by completing the missions (Image via Free Fire)

The milestone has three levels, and as players accomplish each one, they will be able to select one of the things available on that tier. The following are the specifics of the prizes:

At 50 energy points, the portal unlocks. There are four legendary gun skins available, and users can select one of them:

M4A1 Flaming Skull

M60 Crimson Red

UMP Art of War

Famas Warrior Spirit

After reaching the milestone, users can choose a free pet. The following are the options:





Detective Panda

This level also comes with the same set of legendary gun skins.

M4A1 Flaming Skull

M60 Crimson Red

UMP Art of War

Famas Warrior Spirit

In total, if players complete all of the milestones, they will be rewarded with two legendary gun skins and a pet.

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