How to acquire free Jai skins and characters in Free Fire


Garena recently announced that the Jai character would be removed from Free Fire stores starting July 31st. They also revealed that events would be organized where players will stand a chance at procuring various rewards.

Finally, Jai’s Farewell event calendar has been revealed, and some events have already commenced. They provide permanent gun skins, gloo wall skins, and even the Jai character itself.

Obtaining Jai for free in Free Fire

Jai is available as part of Jai’s Farewell Party. Gamers will have to collect 18 normal magazines and a special golden magazine to redeem the permanent character from the exchange store.

The store also features an exclusive Justice Fighter Gloo Wall skin.

Note: Users will only be able to get one of the two rewards. Also, redemption for the grand prizes starts only after July 24th.

Users will have to collect the normal magazine by completing various daily and event missions. While obtaining the golden magazine, they will have to share the link for the web event. When others click on their link, they will be awarded a golden magazine.

You can follow these steps to visit the event interface, collect the tokens, and redeem the prizes.

Step 1: You should select Jai’s Farewell section from the News tab.

Step 2: Next, you have to click the “Go To” button to visit the events interface.

Step 3: After completing the missions, you can collect the tokens by clicking on the “Get Tokens Now” option and then claiming them.

Step 4: To redeem the prize, click the “Redeem Prizes” button and press the redeem button below the corresponding rewards.

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