How to acquire Magic Cubes with Cube Fragments in Free Fire


Free Fire’s in-game currency is diamonds and gold coins, which players can use to purchase a variety of beautiful accessories and bundles. Another option for players to get their hands on rare and interesting packages is through the Magic Cube.

To obtain a Magic Cube, players must collect 100 Cube Fragments, which are difficult to come by and are occasionally awarded as a reward in the Luck Royale.

Cube Fragments were given to players on August 28th as part of Free Fire’s 4th anniversary celebration. Depending on how much time they spent playing, they could receive up to 50 Cube Fragments.

In Free Fire, here’s how to turn Cube Fragments into Magic Cube.

Players can do so by following these steps:

The store option can be found in the upper left corner. (Photo courtesy of Free Fire)

Step 1: Open Free Fire and navigate to the Store section.

The option to redeem is on the far right. (Photo courtesy of Free Fire)

Step 2: Users then have to click the Redeem option.

One Magic Cube is worth 100 Cube Fragments (Image via Free Fire)

Step 4: Gamers should select the Exchange option from the drop-down menu.

Step 5: They can redeem a Magic Cube by confirming the purchase if they have enough Cube Fragments.

Note: If you don’t have enough Cube Fragments, you’ll see this message:

“Not enough tokens, unable to redeem.

Bundles available in Free Fire
A Magic Cube can be used to redeem the following bundles, each of which is worth one bundle:

  • Verdict Ironface
  • Judgement Ironface
  • Avenge Full-Leather
  • Revenge Full-Leather

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